Veera 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with baldev bring dancing teacher for her mother and he becomes fed up with him and Baldev then banished away him. baldev then call to veera and says, i have some work so come fast, i also came when you called me. Balwant tayaji search medicine then he finds that his old photo is not there. Then he asked from bansari ji then bansari ji shouts on him and says, there is no relation with her and her photo. Balwant tayaji cries. Villagers chat on bansari taiji dance and make fun of her.
Veera reaches to meet baldev then baldev says, you must come with me to nearby pind. Veera then tells that samiti members is coming for inspection. Baldev then tells lie that today is holiday thats why samiti members will not coming at your home. Samiti members come for inspection. Gunjan then call to ranveer and ranveer says, you and veera show presentation to them, i will be back within few minutes. Gunjan searches veera around at home but she couldnt find her. Gunjan called to veera and informed to her that samiti members came to our house for inspection. Gunjan then bring veera’s laptop and says, my husband will show you land but before that i will show you slide. Gunjan could not able to open the laptop then samiti members will says, we have to go to nearby pind for inspection. baldev and veera gets stuck in way then baldev shows anger to peoples then veera shouts on him and says, you have to help him not to show anger. Veera and baldev then goes to pind. Ranveer reaches at home and says, i dont know idea about computer but i will show my dream practically. Samiti members accept this proposal and says, ok show us. Then they go with ranveer.
Ranveer then gives the knowledge about land and about his father’s dream to samiti members. Ranveer says, this vidhayalaya is not only for our pind but it is also for our nearby pind. Farmer will gets benefits from this vidhyalaya.
balwant tayaji gives compliment on bansari ji’s parathe then but bansari ji remove his hand from his hand. Ranveer came back to home with samiti members and then they said, there is nothing looking revolutionary in your project.

Precap:- Biji says to ranveer, you now forget your dream then veera encourage them and says we will work hard so that time will help us.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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