Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Jia being ziddi and adamant about marrying Parmeet. Bani tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen. She goes into the mandap and wants to start the leftover phera. Bani feels helpless and looks on when suddenly auntyji comes in with the police and stops the wedding. She shows Bani the photo in her hand and asks if that is what she wanted to show as proof. Bani looks at the photograph and sees that it is infact her and Parmeet’s photo. She shows the photo to Jia and begs her to stop the wedding. Bani shows the photo to everyone present there as proof. Jia is shocked to see this. She removes the red cloth on her shoulder and comes and stands beside Bani. She looks at Parmeet and asks why he played with Bani’s life and what he was doing marrying her now. Auntyji lectures Parmeet and also slaps him(I think.. not sure.. did not watch the slap)

Jia leaves everyone and runs to her bedroom upstairs. Auntyji also runs behind Jia. Bani also goes and they see that Jia is crying in the bedroom. Bani feels guilty for spoiling everything but auntyji says that she has no reason to feel guilty as she saved Jia’s from marrying that creep. Just then the handsome cop arrives and tells them that he will need both of them at the station for a statement. Auntyji says that they will do whatever he wants but Parmeet should be severly punished. Bani begs and pleads with the aunty to not get Parmeet arrested. She says that she wants to take him back to her sasural with her. She wants him to realize his mistake and give him another chance. She wants him to change and does not want to take revenge, etc (lot of words like badla nahi.. badalna; galthiyon ka sazaa nahi.. galthiyon ka ehsaas etc were used by our heroine here) Auntyji agrees to Bani’s request and promises that she will take back the case on Parmeet.

Both Bani and Auntyji come down to the hall and see that Parmeet is missing.. Auntyji asks how he escaped(duh! cop having a nice conversation upstairs.. what will the criminal do.. runs away) Auntyji orders the cops to find Parmeet ASAP(is she the NGO lady or a police authority?! The cop seems to follow her every word!) Everyone leaves one by one and Bani is left alone. She sits near the mandap with sayaan playing in the BG and all the flashbacks of her wedding with Parmeetji.

Auntyji comes searching for Bani after a while and sees that Bani is still sitting there and consoles her. Bani says she has lost all hope on life today and her life has no purpose anymore. Auntyji says that everything depends on the point of view and Bani should become strong. She says that Bani had saved her daughter today and that is not a small feat! She encourages Bani to think positive and says that she will help her at all costs with regards to Parmeet.

Rajji is taking leave of Angad who is sad and also miffed at Soham. Simran also blesses Rajji. Kukki hugs Rajji and cries.. Rajji wipes her tears and asks her not to cry. She turns away from them and Soham is standing there.. expressionless. Both share an eyelock and Rajji remembers him uttering Bani’s name and starts to move with her suitcase. Their hands touch and both have some reaction.. Rajji goes to the door and turns back and Soham also turns.. again an eyelock.. Rajji sad but Soham is confused. After Rajji goes out of the house, Angad reprimands Soham that if he cannot stop her then at least he should be dropping her home. Soham nods and goes out and calls Rajji. She stops. He comes to her and asks her why she was doing this.. why was she taking such a big step w/o consulting him first(idiot wants her to take his permission before leaving) He tells her that if she was leaving because of the night he wasn’t home, he was sorry.. if she was leaving because of their fights, it was both their fault and not something she should leave the house for.. he asks her what changed in one night that she decided on such a drastic step.. Rajji says she need not give him any explanation for her behavior.

Precap: Auntyji telling Jia that she needs to help Bani find Parmeet and also send her to sasural safely.. it is her responsibility. But she needs Jia’s help and she needs to be strong. Jia nods sadly. Bani overhears them and decides that she is becoming a burden on them and should leave immediately.

Update Credit to: Hima

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