Desh Ki Beti Nandini 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 12th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts @ Nandini home…
Nandini & family discussing about Siddarth’s first day of office.
Siddarth @ new office introduces himself. Receptionist asks him to wait for sometime. Peon comes and informs Siddarth to come inside.
Ritu is so excited to talk to siddarth. Nandini asks her to wait till evening . Meantime Siddarth call come to nandini cell.
On other side, Siddarth with tears conveys that He didn’t get the job. Siddhi stunned to hear that. All are tensed seeing upon Nandini response. Siddarth is so disappointed about not getting the job . nandini tries to convince him to com back home and asks him not to be disappointed. Siddarth cuts the call. Nandini and other are tensed. Nandini cals him continuously But siddarth doesn’t answer. ON second attempt someone on the way picks the call says the phone was on roadside and tells the address where it was. Nandini and Ashok rushes there.
Abhay’s assistant informs that Siddarth lost the job. Abhay is so happy that game has started. Abhay doesn’t want that Siddarth should get job on his own capability then his hopes break down. There the plan works out Siddarth should get job with Rajveer’s influence then siddarth will definitely accept the deal then Rajveer will become God to Nandini’s family. (waaw kya chaal banaya.. Emotions being played .. how sad)
Nandini and Ashok reaches place. The New person handsover the phone. Nandini & Ashok searching here and there. Nandini finds Siddarth tiffin box and shows the same to Ashok. Nandini and Ashok are so frightened.
Abhay narrating about nandini and ashok will roam the whole city as if he is watching them.they will not be able to find out Siddarth and will go to Police station to launch a complaint. (everything Abhay explaining to team , as if he is watching them). On other side the same scenes are being showed.
Police officer informs to nandini & ashok to go back home, as its only 2 hourse over.. IF he does not come home even after 24 hours then complaint will b taken.Nandini and ashok are clueless what to do. Nandini gets call from Mother. Nandini informs that they didn’t get any clue about siddarth and will sure inform once siddarth was found.
Abhay says to team that Nandini will remember someone at this situation and take out a visiting card and its none other than ME only. Nandini showed doing the same. Meantime Abhay gets call from Nandini. Abhay pretends inititally as if he didn’t recognize her. Nandini with tear ful of eyes and voice informs about Siddarth. Abhay overacts on the incident and asks whether they have launched any police complaint. Abhay assures them that he will talk to rajveer then everything will be fine. Nandini says OK.Nandini informs Ashok that abhay will talk to rajveer and he will set right everything.
GD mansion, whole family are together and laughing.
Arjun (Akanksha’s husband) and son enters home. All are confused to see them at tht time. Arjun asks permission that he wants to talk to akanksha. Both leave to talk personally.
Rajouri Bhagh
Whole family is tensed about Siddarth. Nandini assures them that Defnitely Rajveer could help us. Police jeep enters colony.
Akanksha declares that she wants to go back home and she has fulfilled all the responsibilities as daughter and now she wants to look after her duties as mother, and wife. Rajveer is confused and asks if she leaves GD will be left alone. Akanksha asks to give permission to leave to her room. Rajveer tries to convince them. GD holds his hand and stops him. Daadi gives permission to Akanksha to go back to her home. (wah wah akanksha you played smart). GD too agrees that . Rajveer is speechless
Nandini home, Police officer comes comes there to take complaint about Siddarth and informs sure they will find Siddarth and asks for a photograph . Office apologizes them for not recognizing earlier and informs that Rajveer informed them to findout siddarth asap.
Akanksha is ready to leave. GD comes to her and says she knows about her plan that If akanksh leaves suddenly then rajveer will not leave to london and Arjun (Akanksha husband) is giving full support to her . Akanksha assures GD that Rajveer will not go back London after my departure from here. Rajveer enters room and asks about which goal and way they are talking about. GD leaves them to talk. Rajveer asks is everything find in Jaipur. Akanksha assures him everything is fine there and she is far from home for long time and now its time to take over the responsibilities of home. She asks rajveer to take care of mother and she is leaving whole responsbility to him .

Precap : QUITE INTERESTING Embarrassed
Nandini calls Rajveer ji.. Rajveer asks party people to move and turns to Nandini. Nandini comes near to him and says she wants to ask a question. Rajveer is so confused.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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