Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th August 2013 Written Update

Bani imagines that Parmeet has come home and fights with him for not showing up earlier. Parmeet apologises and promises to remain with her forever.. Bani’s dream breaks when she sees that Gurdeep is the one who came by car. Bani asks him where others are and he says he came alone as he knew she was alone, all alone and so came to ask if she wanted anything. Bani does not look pleased. Gurdeep seems drunk. He tells her not to get scared as he has come. She turns to leave after saying he can go back as she is fine. He makes her stop by pleading for food

Kukku making notes as usual but reassures Rajji that this is for herself and not the complaints register She says she does not know anything and wants to learn from Rajji. Rajji says she has only started learning but Kukku

says Rajji has made only one mistake in past 3 days versus previously she made mistakes all the time. Kukku cutely says by looking at Rajji she will learn both want to do and what not to. Rajji tells her why she is in a hurry to learn all this as when time comes, Buaji will teach. Kukki says she wants to learn fast so she can marry Guggi and tells Rajji to keep her secret

Bani serves Gurdeep and the lecherous guy asks where the servants are. Stupid Bani tells him that she told them to leave as she didn’t need anything. Gurdeep tells Bani to give him company after all he left the party for her. She sits at the opposite end of the table and he asks her to sit nearer after all he is gharwala When Bani looks at him angrily, he corrects it to part of the household. He proceeds to take his plate and go sit right next to her. She makes faces as he is drunk and Gurdeep says that though drunk he is conscious. He talks against Parmeet and says Parmeet does not understand that a woman needs companionship and not just support and he Gurdeep is there for her **Bani getting angry and upset**. He starts touching her hands and she leaves. Bani locks her bedroom and tries calling someone on her phone. Phone drops due to her bumbling and she stops trying. She talks to Parmeet’s picture and tells him to come

Buaji says it is Rajji’s next test tomorrow after having failed her first test. She says she will make Rajji suffer this time. Simran feels bad for Rajji and tells her to sleep while she finishes the rest of the task. Angad also supports and says that he is confident Rajji will win any test.He says she is not alone as they are there for her. Rajji thinks in her mind that she will not let him down

Sohum goes to the bedroom to take his bedding and sees Rajji sleeping on the floor **she is just pretending** and has flashback about how he and Buaji are treating her. Instead of going out, he closes the door and goes to his bed. Rajji smiles realising this** next stage – same bed**

Lecherous lafanga has given up his glass and is drinking straight from bottle and remembering the times he had got close to Bani. He enters her bedroom. She tells him to leave but Gurdeep says that he knows Bani is lonely. Gurdeep says that as her husband is not there it is his duty to make up for his absence Says she should get a married woman’s right and if Parmeet is not there, his elder brother will do it. He comes closer and does not listen to her pleas. He tells her whatever happens will remain between them. She tries to run from him.

Desho wakes up with a start feeling something is wrong with Bani. She wakes up her father and tells about her nightmare. He tells her that her worry is because of the bad she has done to Rajji and tells her to pray that none of her kids have to pay for her evil work.

On the other hand, Bani is running but not able to get away from the lurching Gurdeep. No idea why but she seems to be running into him. She throws a vase at him and then looks shocked

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Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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