Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of from where it left yesterday Rajji telling Sarabhjeet that she has nothing against Amrit. Then she agrees for the decision taking by him.

Everyone is waiting outside. Sarabhjeet comes out and tells I have spoken to Rajji and she has no problem. So he tells from his side the rishta is pucca. Everyone is happy but Dishu is very shocked and broken. Everyone will be voicing their opinions and Dishu is silent. Maamiji will ask that It is okay that one girl alliance is fixed but what happens to the other girl who is not fixed. Maamiji is rubbing the wounds of Dishu and Binder. They ask to give sweet and Dishu tells there is no sweet in the house. Rajji was supposed to get the sweets but did not get it.

Rajji is very sorry and will be apologizing to Bani. Jassie will come there and tell her to stop acting. She ahs spoilt the life of Bani. Bani will tell her maybe God did not want this wedding to take place. She says she was worried about her mother.

She will go to the Kitchen and her mother will be searching for sweets in anger. Bani consoles her and tells that it was not the fault of Chachaji Chachi and Rajji.

Amrit parents want the wedding to take place as fast as possible. They say they came for holiday and want the wedding to take place fast and so the Visa documents of Rajji can get ready fast. They will decide to have a function tomorrow.

Dishu is very upset and is serving sweets around. Nirven Binder and Beeji are very upset and will not take the sweets.

Then they leave and a very angry Dishu who was suppressing her anger and will drop the plate of sweets. Nirven and Binder will be apologizing to Dishu when Maamiji is adding fuel to the fire.

Nirven tells that Amrit and Rajji are telling the truth. Nirven will have a fight with a Maamiji is who is adding ghee to the fire.

Dishu breaks down and tells why did you come and spoil everything like what happened so many years ago. What was the fault of Bani and she now stands without a rishta.

Nirven gets angry and tells her we never planned and did anything. If Amrit had chosen Rajji what was the fault of Rajji Dishu is inconsolable and she still curses Nirven. He tells why are you always bring up the past and if you did not what anything to do with us why did you calls us.

Dishu says she made a mistake. Rajji’s brother will come from the other side into Dishu’s compound. Sarabhjeet can’t control a very furious Dishu.

She tells that they are elder so they called them but they did the same thing again. Both Dishu and Nirven will start fighting. Dishu tells no one will stop be from talking. They will be fighting and when Beeji tries to stop they will not listen.

Rajji’s brother will try to speak something to Dishu and Nirven will shut him up and tells that you have no right to talk when elders are talking. This further ignites Dishu and she says that she was mad to try and make up with them again. But this will be the last time. This shocks everyone.

She crying tells Nirven she will never make such a mistake again and she curses him. This shocks everyone. Shabeerjeet asks her what she is talking. She tells that as long as she is alive the wall will not come down If the wall breaks it means she is dead. Everyone are shocked and watching a crying Dishu.

PRE-CAP: Dishu will tell them all to go away and will again tell Nirven like he took away all the happiness so many years ago he has done it today.

Update Credit to: anurao

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