Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
bani remembers the discussion about the divorce and gets tensed. desho comes rushing to her. and again starst blaming herself for bani’s plight, and profusely apologises for not having checked parmeet’s background before getting her married. bani says that she doesnt have a grudge against her at all, and that she didnt mean wrong, and this was in her destiny. Bani is told by desho that her heart is big and one day she woulod be repaid for her kindness.

The next morning, guggi comes to bani asking if there’s anything else left for her parenst to pack. bani denies but thanks him for being by her side always, as if he hadnt helped she would never have been successful. Guggi tells her that he can do anything for her. bani says that he should go home then, as soham also needs him. She asks him to go, and not worry about her as she is okay. guggi agrees and asks him to give a ring if she needs anything. He leaves to pack his bags.

Gagan and surjit pack lunch for bani’s parents. desho asks them not to think otherwise as they dont hold anything against her, even though they feel bitter about parmeet as he has hurt them and their daughter enough. She says that they are just thinking of their daughter right now. surjit says that she completely understands their situation, and would have done the same if she was in their place. gagan promises to take care of bani as her younger sister. Guggi also tells kuldeep that gugi has to return. Tthey are all reminiscient of his fun here and he asks them to stop lest he gets emotional. they bid him and bani’s parents’ farewell. desho asks bani that she can come anytime she wants, to start her life ahead. bani thinks that she has decided what she wants to do. They all bid bani’s parents and guggi a farewell.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Outside, reyman is very frustrated with the power cuts and mosquitoes. He lights up the lantern, and by mistake her duppata burns up. They both are frustrated with their plight in such poor times, and says that she cant stay here anymore. She tells him that he has some days, and would return after some days back to Canada with her daughter. Balbir thinks that he would seriously have to think of some plan.

The next morning, balbir falls on soham’s feet and apologises proufsely for his behaviour, and says that he would be really happy if he forgives him from his heart. soham is frustrated with his drama and asks him to get up. He asks balbir to do one thing for forgiveness. balbir anxiously asks whats it. He tells balbir that he would have to tell the entire village that rano was his wife and the bahu of the bhullar mansion, and the respect that he cpouldnt give her when she was alive, she would get after her death, and if he can do that, then only he can forgive him. later, reyman tells balbir that he cant do this, as her reputation and life would be spoilt, while he is determined with an evil glance that he would do it, so that they can get a hand of their money. He tries to convince reyman that this is oppurtunity knocking on the door, and begins to show her dreams about money and lavish lifestyle and she begins to dream.

As soham begins to leave to go to the fields, balbir stops him to say that he thought much and that he penances his mistake, and says that he realised that some mistakes are for rectifying and some to forget. balbir tells that he would do what soham asks him to. Soham is overwhelmed with emotions, as he remembers rano’s traumatised state of wait. balbir knocks him off it. soham says that he wishes that with mistake, time also could be reversed, like people do. He says that he always wanted her to meet her husband and today when he found him, he cant meet his mother, as the dreams that she saw with open eyes, were fulfilled, but then when her eyes are closed forever. balbir says that he realises it, and says that time isnt emotionless, as soham may have lost his mother, but found his parent, and says that he would give rano the status of s wife, and him the status of a son. he hugs soham as he cries distraughtly. balbir is happy that his evil plan is working the way he wants it to.

Scene 3:
Location: Police Station
parmeet lies resignedly on the bed in the jail, remembering bani’s statements, teary eyed. Bani comes to parmeet along with randip. She is apalled to find parmeet in such a state. randip calls him and he gets up, and faces them, after wiping his tears. He asks randip how’s he. parmeet puts a brave face saying that he is okay. He asks bani how’s she. she says that she is good. randip leaves them alone, to talk, while he waits outside. He asks her if she is okay. she says that she is trying hard. Bani tells parmeet that she wants to move ahead in her life and needs his help. He is confused saying that when he could he didnt, then what can he do now. Bani says that she wants to start afresh, but there’s something tying her back, a relation that only he can free her from. She hands him the divorce papers. he looks at her getting teary and emotional, shocked at having received the papers. bani collapses against the wall, in despair. He asks her if she wants to divorce him. bani looks at him, but isnt able to say anything. They have a stern eye contact. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Soham comes to rajji with marriage papers and asks her that he wants to marry her yet again, and if she is willing to go through with it, with him. She happily and shyly complies yes. She looks at soham, her eyes abrim with romance. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Parmeet asks her if this is her final descision. She complies and says that its is. Bani collapses against the wall.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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