Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th December 2013 Written Update

So, today the episode started off with Rajji telling Soham that she cannot live with him in the same room. She takes a pillow to go out. Soham sees that and says she can stay while he will go out of the room. Soham goes out and sits on the sofa. He feels irritated and angry that Rajji is still angry and stubborn(guy doesn’t have the courage to apologize but expects Rajji to be nice to him!) Simran goes to Rajji’s room and asks her why Soham is not happy about her return to the house(shouldn’t she be asking Soham that! These people, bua and Simran are so full of themselves that they only think from Soham’s side and completely ignore Rajji’s feelings) Rajji tells her that she should not ask her questions for which she cannot answer and that she

has cleared her reason for coming back and the living arrangements have now been changed. Simran goes to talk to Soham and tells him that his baby is with Rajji and if not for Rajji, he should be mindful about his baby and listen to Rajji and let her stay the way she wants. Rajji needs more time and with time, she will change too. Soham agrees.

At the Bhullar mansion, Bani is cutting vegetables when Gagan walks into the kitchen. She asks Bani to get ready to welcome her parents while she would finish the cooking. She says she will cook so well that they will get confused about the welcome they are getting. Bani is pleased to hear this. She thanks Gagan and leaves(O O.. Bad move Bani!) Gagan immediately throws all the cut vegetables into the dustbin. Soon Desho and Sarab arrive at the mansion. They bring some bags filled with gifts as well. They go inside the gate when Desho gets emotional. She says she did so many things to see Bani happy here and now Bani looks happy with such rich people but what about Rajji. Rajji is not happy with Soham. Sarab says that inorder to gain a few things, you need to loose a few things too. He tells her not to worry about Rajji as she went back to Soham with good news and will soon get adjusted there.

Just when they are about to ring the doorbell, Balbir comes from his morning jog and asks who they were and what they were doing there. Before they could answer, he says he knows who they were and that they should wait on the garden bench at the side. He goes inside arrogantly and closes the door on their face. While Parmeet is wondering why his in-laws haven’t come yet, Balbir irritatingly asks what those people were doing when they knew that Daarji was not in town. To this, Gagan says that they have not come for Daarji and that they are Bani’s parents. Three of them plot to insult them with their evilness!

Desho and Sarab sit on the garden bench and it starts getting very hot. Sarab starts sweating because of the heat. Meanwhile Bani maata is pacing the hall waiting for them. Surjit says she should sit down and wait while Bani is restless. She goes to open the front door to see if her parents are coming when Gagan stops her and tells her to freshen up. While Bani is going inside, Sarab coughs and Bani runs out to see that her parents have been waiting outside in the hot sun. She immediately asks Gagan to get water. They give him water and take him inside. Bani makes them sit on the sofa while all of them come into the hall. Parmeet comes and takes their blessings. She asks why they did not come in straight away or told anyone that they came. Sarab says that they did inform someone that they had come. Bani asks who it was that they informed.

Just then Balbir comes and starts shouting at Sarab and Desho. He says he thought they would leave on their own but they are like parasites who came into the house. He says that as soon as such people see a big house, they try to get in and take advantage. He insults them left and right and doesn’t let his brother or Bani clarify who they were.(Really felt bad for Sarab and Desho for the way they were being insulted today) At last, Bani shouts that they were her parents.

Precap: All are seated in the hall when Sarab asks Parmeet if all is well in Canada and if his business is doing well. Parmeet answers by saying that they have never even gone to Canada. Bani couldn’t adjust with him in Delhi.. so, how could she in Canada. So, he sold everything in Canada and came back! (Desho’s NRI dream comes crashing)

Update Credit to: Hima

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  1. The story line is so goood. would love to see soham and rajji get together.

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