Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi telling Sheela that he was speaking with Pankhudi about giving tips to Rubel for being a good husband. Sheela laughs and says she will go and rest. Adi tells Pankhudi that he will not hide the truth from Rubel. He gets someone’s call. Rubel looks at Payal. Payal asks his help to take off the necklace from her neck. Rubel sits on the bed and removes the necklace from her neck. Rubel tries to get close, but Payal turns away. Rubel says it is okay and tells her that he is also nervous. He asks her, whether she is having questions about his previous marriage. He says he can’t change the past but assures that his past won’t effect their future. It will take time but everything will be alright. Payal says she is feeling weak and says she will sleep.

Rubel agrees and asks her to rest. Rubel covers her with blanket and leaves the room.

Adi is talking on phone, Pankhudi thinks how to stop Adi for talking to Rubel. Rubel comes and asks them, what they are doing late at night? Adi asks, what happened? Pankhudi says she was not getting sleep. Adi asks, did anything happened? Rubel says he was not feeling sleepy so he came down and says Payal is resting. Rubel hugs and thanks Adi. He says he has experienced this feeling for the first time. He says he feels complete and contented. He says he is loving Payal more and more. He thanks them and tells Adi that Payal needs time to love him. Adi is tensed and asks him to rest. Rubel leaves. Pankhudi thanks Adi for not telling anything to Rubel. Adi says he couldn’t tell and says Payal should tell everything to him.

Kamini says we have to go back. Govardhan mama says we did bad not to tell anything to Pankhudi. Mama thinks why Rohit didn’t do anything. Kamini asks him to get ready to go to Deewan Mansion. Rubel comes for breakfast and says Payal is sleeping as she is tired. Sheela says, she shall prepare sweets for us on the first day and asks Pankhudi, did she know anything to cook. Pankhudi says, she didn’t know and says she will prepare everything. Sheela says she shall also know cooking. She asks Kaira to call Payal but Rubel says he will call her. Rubel takes tea for Payal. Sheela looks at him and taunts Anuj. Anuj asks Adi to make Sheela understand. Adi tells him that mami is right as you didn’t cook anything for her. Anuj mama prepares tea and serves to Sheela. Sheela enjoys it. Adi serves the tea to Pankhudi but is still angry on her.

Rubel comes to the room and gives her morning tea. Payal says, what will everyone think? Rubel says they have no issues. Rubel asks, where she wants to go on a honeymoon? Payal says lets go down first as everyone are waiting. She goes to freshen up. Sameer asks Preeti to get ready to go to hospital. Preeti says she is tired of hospital and says she already lost her child. Nirmala says I don’t know when you will understand. Sameer says he can’t hide anything from her family. Sadanand says he will book the taxi. Avantika comes and says I am here and you guys can come along. Everyone are shocked. Avantika says she thought to meet them. Avantika asks her to get ready. Preeti goes to get ready.

Payal and Rubel comes downstairs. Pankhudi signs her to touch the elder’s feet. Payal touches Sheela and Anuj’s leg. Sheela asks her, if she knows cooking? Payal says no mom. Sheela asks Pankhudi to teach her. Shanky blesses her. Preeti feels pain and tells Sameer not to tell anything to di. she says she don’t want to disturb her family happiness. Sameer says one day they will know. Preeti says she don’t want to disturb them and asks for his support. Pankhudi tells Payal that she will help her in making sweets. Payal tells her that she wants to tell the truth to Rubel. She can’t hide this truth. Pankhudi says Rubel might get upset with you but he will appreciate your honesty.

Preeti tells Sameer that they are getting late as the Japan clients wants to meet them. Avantika says what about your check up. Preeti says she will go some other day. Avantika says you are following dad’s dream but not at the cost of your health. Avantika suggests she will take care of the hospital but Preeti says that hospital is her responsibility and leaves with Sameer. Payal comes to tell the truth to Rubel. Just then she gets Rohit’s call. While Payal is shocked, Rubel looks on.

Avantika calls Preeti. Preeti tells Sameer that it is di’s call. Avantika asks about the meeting. Preeti tells her that it is going on. Avantika says she is coming to attend it. Preeti says meeting will be over until you come. Avantika comes to the them and stands beside the doctor. They are shocked..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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