Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th April 2013 Written Update

-Episode starts with bani-sohum looking at each other. Sohum goes away when amreek looks at him. Amreek’s family is inquiring about bani, beeji and sarabjit are praising her. Desho feels good to hear that. Bani’s dad wonders its been long enough since bani and amreek went upstairs. Narveil notices this and tell jas to go get bani. Rajji is praying for the alliance to get cancelled. Mami is keeping an eye on her and ask her what is she upto. Rajji says nothing. Deshu is really nervous, seeing this sarabjit goes up to her and puts her hand on hers to give some comfort.

-Bani and amreek come down and everybody is curious to know their decision. Amreek’s dad ask him. Amreek remembers rajji’s plight and how sohum and bani were staring at each other. He says bani is a nice girl but can’t marry her. Everybody is shocked and mami starts her english asking him the reason. Amreek tells i really like the family, in fact want to start a new relation. Narveil ask him then what is the problem. He says i want to marry rajji. Everybody is double shocked including bani and rajji. Bani’s dad gets mad saying what kind of joke is this. Amreek answers this is not a joke, i want to marry rajji.

-Everybody is disappointed. Amreek’s dad gets mad at him saying are you out of your senses? we are here for bani, not for rajji. Amreek says i don’t know how to explain it to you but after meeting rajji i felt i can spend my whole life with her. He says i know i hurt everyone with my decision, and folds his hand asking for forgiveness and especially to bani. He adds sometimes we don’t know what we want until it comes front of us, same happened with me when i met rajji. He says this is not right that i like someone else and marry someone else. Deshu ask him if this right you came here for bani and instead choosing rajji. She says this is not a play of toys. Before Amreek answers her, his mom interrupts and says enough amreek, she is right and you have said enough,its all your fault. His dad says no this is not his fault, but ours coz we always ask his choice first. Bani’s dad tells jas to take bani inside. while leaving bani and rajji stare at each other, before rajji can say something…bani goes away (or jas takes her). Mami goes to rajji and says we should ask her first why she went upstairs with amreek? Everyone is shocked.

-Narveil goes up to her and says you went to get sweets right, what were you doing upstairs with amreek? Rajji is speechless. He ask her to answer how did you reach upstairs. Before rajji can say something, amreek says its not her fault. She didn’t even know i was on the Terrance. I stopped her coz i needed to ask something for bani. While talking to her i realized i want to marry her. Rajji is just staring at him. Narveil tells rajji to go inside and she goes away. That lady (who is trying to get this alliance fixed) says whatever happened is happened, can’t do anything now but good thing is boy’s family is not going empty handed. At least they liked one girl from the same house. She tells narveil not to let this opportunity go as it is hard to get such family. Mama says forgive me but ‘aisa hota nahi,’ and narveil adds ‘aisa hoga bhi nahi.’ Desho and others look at him. He says rajji wil never snatch bani’s right. Sarabjit watches him in proud. He says its a no from us for this alliance. Desho is looking at him and episode ends on her face.

PRECAP:- Bani and rajji are crying. Bani says you didn’t even think, look what happened… mom’s dreams, her happiness…everything is finished now. You finished our last attempt to unite these two families. Everyone is hurt just coz of your one mistake and you can’t imagine what is going to happen in the family now.

Update Credit to: mehak

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