Bandhan 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
bhao says tell me what has he done? darpan says he pinched on her back. SHe says I saw him. Dev says he Is lying bhao. She is a kid. Bhao asks sheetal to take the kids in. Bhao slaps dev in front of everyone. Shaku says I want to throw you out of the house dev. Payal says leave him. Bhao says apologize to her. payal says he doesn’t need to say sorry. bhao says listen. She syas is so nice and you don’t care about her. shaku says please clam down Bhao and forgive her. She says to payal’s parents please pardon us. Payal’s parents say we should go now. We will come for haldi tomorrow. Bhao says to shku this is perfect indian woman. And look at mine. Shaku says I know your pain. All the happiness on world on one side and happiness of kids on one side. You will have kids one day. We did all we could. The woman maybe different.

Darpan says in sleep where are you ganesh come back? baba come back. I miss you. Sheetal hears it. darpan says where have you all gone? come back to me. Sheetal walks to her and covers her with a quilt. She says sleep your brother will come soon. darpan sleeps. ganesh sleeps with the tree.

Scene 2
Next morning pooja is going on. Darpan walks in. Bhao says come here my best friend. He says come join the pooja. They all do the pooja. Bhao gives her the arti.

Darpan is studying in her room. Shaku comes and says you will be a great name one day. She picks her phone and says I am bhao’s sister. could you find ganesh or not? I told you his sister is missing him. Go and find him. So much money to find an elephant? Please charge a little less. She says okay we will arrange the money. Darpan says how will we find him now? shaku syas he is asking for a lot of money. a lot of money is lost In wedding. The guy who makes tea is even charging a lot of money. darpan says fire him I will make the tea for everyone. From that money we will find ganesh. Shaku says how will you? You are so small what if our hands burn? Darpan says please let me do this. I used to make eat for ai baba as well. shaku says my mom used to say that girls should learn household. so okay you should srart it. You will learn it as well. darpan says okay I will. Shaku says tea time is over now. You should do something else that will save money as well.

darpan is making bread for everyone. meethi says wow that looks good. Sheetal comes to darpan and says what are you doing? she goes to meethi and shaku. she says is so small please don’t do this. her hands will ache. Meethi says sheetal will do this? Meethi says then who will do sheetal work? Shaku says we should hire servants. darpan says no no I will do this. please ask them to find ganesh. Meeth8i and shaku laugh. meeti says you feel bad sheetal?

all the three kids are playing. pinky shows raghav and sanju doing the work in kitchen. Darpan says ganesh I am doing this all for you come to me soon. Sanju takes some spices and says now see what meethi maa and shaku bua will do to her. He mixes spices in the turmeric darpan has made. They all run.

The haldi ceremony starts. Darpan brings the turmeric. Shaku applies turmeric on payal and dev. it starts itching them. They both try to clean it. it itches shaku as well. Dev goes and washes it. payal cleans her turmeric as well. darpan laughs. pinky says darpan did this? She knead the turmeric. I saw her mixing spices in it.

Precap-darpan says sheetla aunty did they find ganesh? Meethi says I will find her. she syas on phone so you have found ganesh? darpan smiles and says my golu is found.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sorry to say another waste of time soap it was interesting before but since the mother got killed off and father stabbed by bhao and he did not even got to prove his innocense it lost its favour
    not worth watching again.

  2. Its not right to project child abuse!

  3. Please writers show something good, teach the public something good, not big wicked women and child abuse. I think the enjoy showing bad actions in the soaps, your viewers hate this, show something sensible and let justice prevail and not evil actions. The soaps have a tendency to show evil throughout the show and then end with good –how stupid, so you might watch a few years of crap and a few sessions of goodness at the end, does this make sence people!

  4. I agree with the previous comments. Is the soap promoting child abuse ? One can say that it is showing up this serious problem as it exist in India . But what of the resolve. You are drawing the situation out to long .get to the point . Yes we see the response to the abuse but what happen to free the individual of the problem .Get to societal solutions .

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