Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik is still playing the guitar when Cabir tells him to stop. He comes and says that you will hurt your hand and then says that Nandini would say this if she was here, Cabir says that till Nandini doesn’t come let’s get your hand dressed as Nandini would scold me if she comes. Manik tells him to shut up and Cabir says that I should not make fun of Nandini and asks Manik if he saw her face when he got hurt. He keeps on talking when Manik tells him to shut up and says that let it go. Cabir says that why you don’t let go and stop smiling as there is nothing between you and her.
Manik then smiles and says to Cabir that aren’t you hurt for your mother. Cabir says that he doesn’t wants to talk about this and Manik apologizes. Cabir says that Dhruv hasn’t come as he went to get Nandini and it’s been long. Dhruv is with Nandini and says that you want to say that I shouldn’t keep any hope. Nandini asks if there is any while Dhruv says that there isn’t any and when Nandini gets on the bike he throws the flowers away.
Aliya is with Muktii in the kitchen and wonders if they did the right thing. Muktii says that Harshad loves you and won’t stay mad at you for long and wonders what Navya would be feeling. Navya wakes up as If she got a nightmare. She thinks about her time with Harshad and says that maybe Harshad is right and Nandini is wrong. She then says that Nandini is her best friend and won’t lie to her as for her she became friends with the enemy. Navya holds her head when she gets a call.
Cabir is teasing Manik about Dhruv and Nandini being late when Muktii says to Cabir that why do you care if they are spending time together. Cabir replies saying that as far as he knows Nandini turned Dhruv down and ask if Nandini said yes to Dhruv in the time he was hurt. He goes and sits with the girls while Manik starts to play his guitar and Nandini comes and stops him and says that why didn’t you do to the doctor. Cabir starts laughing and when Nandini asks what so funny and Cabir says that he just remembered something. Manik asks where Dhruv is and he also comes.
They celebrate and when Manik opens the champagne bottle he throws half of it on Nandini. When the time to drink comes Nandini says that she doesn’t drink and asks if she can change this. Manik says that he will show her the way to the washroom and Nandini is about to says that she knows but stops and asks him to show her.
As they go up Muktii says that these two are acting weird and there is something wrong. Manik and Nandini come upstairs and Nandin asks Manik what. Manik says that he is just showing her they way while Nandini says that she hasn’t come here for the first time. She stops and goes in the washroom while Manik also comes in and keeps on teasing her. Nandini pushes him out and while washing her face when she looks up she sees someone covered in black piece of cloth. Nandini screams and it’s Manik underneath who stops her and says athat you didn’t want to see my face so I came like this.
Nandini says to him that if you think that these things are sweet than you are highly mistaken. Manik stops and says that he can’t be sweet as only Dhruv is sweet. He leaves the washroom saying Bye to her. Dhruv comes to ALiya who is in the garden and hugs her and says that it will never happen between me and Nandini as she will never love me. Aliya steps back and says that it will be Okay and leaves.
Nandini comes out of the washroom to the wardrobe and Manik stops her. He holds her and says that why do you care and keep on telling me to go to the hospital. He says that why do you care then why are lying. Nandini says that it doesn’t affect her and Manik asks her if she is telling the truth. Nandini says that she is telling the truth while Manik says that you are not. He holds her arm and says that you are not the only one who can make someone tell the truth and reminds her about the jungle.
Manik then goes and shows her the lamp she gave him as a gift. He turns it on and holds Nandini around his arms. He asks her that if it doesn’t matter than can you walk away. Nandini after a few seconds says yes, Manik says to her than prove it and walk away right now. Nandini lifts her foot but stops and Manik asks her that why aren’t you going. He tells her to accept it that she can’t leave him. Nandini turns around and says that I can and leaves the room. Manik gets frustrated and is about to break the lamp but stops and says that I can’t let her go.

Precap: Dhruv and Nandini are sitting together and Manik asks Dhruv for what he feels for her. Manik says that he is sure that Nandini can’t love him. Nandini thinks that why can’t she love Dhruv as he has everything she likes. Later Manik then sees the both of them hugging.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nandu dnt ever propose dhruv plssss

  2. awesome epi guys…finally wat we were waiting for…thank god dhruv cleared dat it was not nandini…n the happiness on manikks face uffff…and the precap…love u cabir!!!

  3. guyz wt happen 2day i didnt c the epi……….

    1. cabir makes every1 play a game jahan se sabko pata chalta hai dat dhruv has kissed a girl n manik asks dhruv who she is and he says its not nandini…n dat nandini n he r jus frnds n its one sided n he has decided to move on!!!

  4. Wow!!!!! Atleast even if nandini tries to pair wid dhruv he will say no n den cabir will explain…..hope evwything goes right….i wud luv if manan reunite n den dey can fight d world together…lyk manik’s mom if dey will copyb o f

  5. Ny1 der???….

  6. guys ders bad news!! Manik is tryin to patao nandini so he takes her to his farm house n there somegin happens due to which both land up in hospital….manik may lose his memory…mostly harshad attacks dem…dis was wat came on fb and confirmed by watever sources

    1. hey Harshad was on jail na

      1. can i join u all….i mean kyy grp

  7. mostly navya use chudati hai…he attacks dem…

  8. ders no grp as such…even ive jus entered…dnt know much of pple here either…do ull guys chat on any other page too??

  9. Again our sandhir will win

  10. Good episode

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