Bandhan 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaku and meethi laugh at their evil plans. Meethi says servant? She says sahku di she is a little girl. she just lost her parents she needs love. shaku says sheetal if you are so merciful we should treat you to. When did you start talking like that> you have such a big heart. You are so good. This is why I got you married ot sureya? so you can counter attack. we will handel our problems you better handle yours. Darpan is the new servant here. Darpan coms to sheetal. shaku says darpan how are you> I missed you. don’t your recognize me?

She says come here. You are a special guest here and I will give you grand welcome. You are special. From now everything related to you will be special right sheetal? tell me what you want. darpan says I want to put on mehndi too. Shaku says I am your aunt from now. Shaku says go.

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Sheetal says in heart she doesn’t even know wahts gonna happen to her. please help this little girl.

Ganesh is near the tree. He recalls his time with his family. Daroan goes to bhao and says where is ganesh? Do you know anything about her? Shaku says that elephant? bhao says let me talk. bhao says I looked everywhere in forest but couldn’t find her. darpam says he is little. please put thte photo of house on the tree. mehndi says I will go there after mnehndi function.

darpanm is in temple. she saus I was mad at you God because you took everyone from me then I got to know you are taking care of ai so I forgave you. please tale care of my ganesh as well. he must be hungry please give him food and send him to me soon. Sanju says you stoole this apple? Darpan says I wanted to put this in tenmple. Arpan says I never wanted to eat it. Shanku says taking fruits in your own house isn’t stealing, darpan lives here right? Shaku takes the apple and says darpan will be just like you three. same games, same clothes, same food and same punishments. Shaku says you sould be punished for this. Darpan says shaku bua punish me but let me give this apple to God. He wll give it to ganesh. Shaku brings darpan to a room which is full of boots she says you have to clean all of them. DArpan says all right. she starts polishing the shoes. She tired. she says God will give you food ganesh.
Later darpan goes tot temple and says I duldilled my promise now give food to ganesh. monkey throw some fruits to ganesh.

Sheetal comes and hugs darpan. she sys your good days will come back soon. SAnju says why have bary papa brought that wild here? Shaku says I will be on her side to stab her. just keep watching. Shetla brings darpan out and says sits her I know you are tired. The bride and her family come. the function starts everyone dances. the bride dances as well. dev joins her in the dance. He grasps her later and pinches her back. she screams. Bhao says why did payal scream? Dev says how would I know? payal says no he didn’t do anything bhao. bhao says tell me whats the truth. Darpan says he pinched him. She says I saw him. Everyone is shocked at darpan’s interference.

Precap-dev says that all rubbish. bhao slaps him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Literally cried watchng d episode watchng cute darpan cryng..its heart touchng

  2. I am very emotional when it concerns orphans.How can women treat orphans that way.I do not like this story
    any longer.It hurts when I see this young girl is mistreated.I am sensitive where children is concern.I really do,I cannot watch this any longer.

  3. I agree bull shit .y the enemy have to raise darpan y not an aunt or her servants this is the worst show plzzz pull this of air now

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