Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman standing on the stool and look tall. Ishita looks at him, as he looks tall. He says camera is there. She says he is looking tall. He says I m born tall, see in my eyes. He asks her to give million dollar smile. He holds her close and says everyone will stand close. Raman says session is not over, Simmi did not come. The cameraman says he will charge battery. They go. Ishita sees the stool and laughs seeing Raman. She says he was competing my heel, so he was looking different, I will not tease him now, he helped Mihika so I will leave him, so cute. Mihir says he wants to get pic clicked with his to be wife. Raman brings Mihika. Mihir says titanic pose. Raman says hero was taller. Mihir lifts Mihika and gets the pics clicked.

Ishita compliments Raman saying he is looking tall and handsome. He says always. She asks shall I get the stool back for the puja. He says Jagga Jasoos starts spying. She says he can get heel sandal. They smile. Simmi comes with Ananya. Ishita removes her hell and stands with Raman. Ek nadi ke dono………. Raman sees her barefoot and smiles. They click a perfect family pic. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…………. Mihika sees everyone happy and talking. Mihika cries and thinks about Shagun scolding her. Mihika leaves crying. Ishita goes after her.

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Ishita pacifies her. Mihika says Raman is doing this for me, and I can’t forget I m a big stain in this family. Ishita says what are you saying. Mihika says I have let all of you down. Ishita says this is not true, it’s a big lie, Ashok has not even touched you. Mihika is shocked. Ishita says he wanted to break marriage with Shagun, you gave him chance and he took advantage. Mihika says he was lying, I was with him in that room, on the bed. Ishita says this truth is for us, don’t care about others. Mihika says I don’t care but people will taunt me all my life. Ishita says you are not my sister, you are someone else, we all know the truth, even Mihir, you are a lucky girl as we all support you.

Mihika says I know, but why should Mihir suffer because of me, I just wish that this is proved that I did not do anything. Simmi tells everyone that she knows how to prove Mihika innocent. She tells Raman that Romi lied to him that she went to her friend, she went to meet Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla holds her head and Raman scolds her. Mr. Bhalla says don’t force us to keep you locked at home. Simmi says she went to get some truth out of him, I promise all truth will be proved by what he said. Simmi tells them what Parmeet said, about Mihika’s clothes removed by hotel staff, it was his plan to avoid marriage. Mihir tells Raman not to stop him.

Raman says he can get the hotel staff, that girl, then he will expose Ashok and Parmeet. Romi asks shall I get the proof, my friends work there, we can find out which girl did duty that night. Ishita says we have to be careful. Romi says we have to do something this time, I want to do this for Mihika. Mihir says he trusts Romi, if he is saying, he will get proof. Romi says he will come and leaves. Ishita thanks Simmi for helping Mihika. Simmi cries and says it’s a result of her deeds, she did not know Parmeet is such a creep.

Simmi says everyone was right about Parmeet and I did not believe them, but I understood and will never go to him, I want to break relation with him forever. Raman says I m with you. Mrs. Bhalla says its not easy to burn our own house. Simmi cries. Ishita thinks Lord is behind what happens and it has something good, maybe this is good for Simmi. Simmi apologizes to Amma, as her husband has ruined her both daughter’s respect. Amma says even she is her daughter, its late, but she understood.

Appa thinks about Mihika’s matter and sits in compound. He says he got Mihika here on his responsibility, that I will protect her as her dad, but I could not protect her. Few neighbors come and ask him to vacate the society as they had enough about of issues. Appa says where will we go, our society caught fire, and this is Raman’s office flat. They say Raman Bhalla can buy anything, go somewhere else. Appa says Mihika did not do anything. They say we don’t care, this maybe done in your high society, not in our society. Raman comes and says enough, and asks Appa not to fold hands. Raman scolds them for talking such against a woman.

Raman says reporters add spice to news, as you all create a hype. They say we also have bahu and daughters. Raman says then be thankful that they are safe, and folds hands to do what a good person does, to support Appa, and if this happens with them, Appa will support them for sure. He says if he opens his hands, then they will not be able to talk again. Raman gets angry.

The hotel owner Raina Singh greets Raman and Ishita, and asks why does he want to meet her. Raman asks her about Ashok’s high profile marriage and she might have known what happened with Mihika. Ishita asks about the hotel staff, and the scandal was too big that Mihika attempted suicide.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice Photo Session
    And IshRa you both looking so Good Togather
    So cute IshRa……

  2. Guys read Yhm spoiles,the upcoming episodes wil b jst awsom!

  3. Latest news ke liye SBS & SBB dekhiye kyonki usme spoiler me jo likha hota hai wo pehle hi dikha dete hai.

  4. How do u get time to watch SBS and SBB?

    1. Roj to nahi par kabhi kabhi.
      Aaj kal to malaria ke wajh se ghar par hoo. Is liye boar hoti hoo iss liye roj dekhti hoo.

  5. Raman you are world’s best son in low , best brother , best son , best brother in low , best father and most most important you are world’s best HUSBAND. Actualy you are world’s best person who cares for everyone…..

  6. Aaj precap me girl dikhai wo hi Karishma hogi aur shayad use hi Raman se pyar ho jayega….

    1. Phir aisa comments na hi karna…..all ready Raman ko Ishita se pyar hai….or rahega…..
      koi bhi defective pice aata hai 4 Dino ke kiye…..

      1. To maine kab kaha ki Raman ko us Girl se pyar ho jayega . Raman to hamari Ishu se hi pyar karta hai. Par yeh new girl to shayd confusion creat karegi. Aur kya pata iss new girl wo love latter and red rose se jelous hokar Ishita apna love Raman ko confess kar de……..
        Hope sooo………

    2. S…ur right…..

  7. arey wow photo session tho superb hai.and raman in stool and by seeing that ishu remove her heel and stand with him.its really so cute and awesome hai.they r perfect family bhi and perfect couple bhi.bus just show more scene of ishra like this.

  8. nice episode raman is looking handsome and cute.aur precap me jo ladki hai wahi karishma hai

  9. Btw i agree with u prayosha!
    Ishra r d best!
    Btw get well soon prayosha!

  10. karishma ko raman se pyaar ho jaye ga aur woh ek obessive lover ka character play karagi

  11. Hame to pehle new girl ka naam Karishma kaha gaya tha par precap mai to Raina Singh likha hai…

  12. prayosha woh useka original name hai character name toh Raina Singh

  13. For @ *** IshRa *** @ — Excellent ***
    today episode 1st part- how can explain this sence really Excellent ,fantastic ……
    Ishita see the stool and laughs…..seeing Raman…..
    she says he was competing my heel…..
    so he was looking different….

  14. काश कि अशोक का सच इशरा सबके सामने लाएँ।

  15. Ishra always superb ! dey were luking superb 2gther as always nd evryone were luking great nd ashoks lie shud cum in front of dat mad shagun anyways luv u ishra n hope 2 see u 2gather soon. nd u r very very superb

  16. nice

  17. Ishra are looking cute togather

  18. Yaar aur kitna wait karvaoge love confession ke liye. Ab aur wait nahi hota……
    Kahawat nahi suni
    ” Kal kare so aaj kar
    Aaj kare so ab. “

  19. overaction math karo ek dhusrekho love confession karne keliye kehadho.

  20. please upload the today episode

  21. i love noodles

    watever is happening is unbelievable. ashok has done nothing to mihika then wats all d hullabaloo for???? i mean if he fears dat they will press charges then they still can as everyone thinks he slept with her n as she wont b able to proof dat then she will come out clean. i mean really!

  22. I lv u ishra!!!!!!!

  23. Mihir clicked photos with his to be wife so Raman you also shuld click photos with your being wife.
    If you click some private photos with Ishita it should make us more happy…

  24. Nice episode…

  25. Hi…frndz…

  26. yeah that’s the main problem here. We r seeing so much romance between Mihir and Mihika but nothing between Ishra. raman & ishita shld have posed for a few photos with their cheeks pressed againt each other. lagta hai IShra sirf aankhon se hi pyar karenge. Par raman, u cannot make Ishita pregnant with ur eye locks man. Physical love will make ur relationship very strong varna shaadi ka to matlab hi nahi hai.

    1. Agree with u…..123

  27. wow guys I love that very much! Love to see all happy together! Im wtchng YHM frm start , that’s from december 3rd 2013 , I’m very happy to enjoy this moment as it gives me much pleasure. Good that idiots are not here today. Ishra looking lovely & I love that very much. Keep up Ishrahi and thank for ekta for such a lovely serial . I love ISHRAHI forever.

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