Bandhan 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dapran sees the ganesh is eating the chocolate. He falls on the ground after eating. She is shocked. she screams ganesh. sHe wakes up from sleep. It was her dream. Mahesh and prabha come to her and take her to bed. Darpan says I ahev to complete my homework. prabha sys you can complete it tomorrow. Mahesh says why you worried / She says nothing. Still she can see the teacher evert where saying she will give poisonous chocolate to ganesh.
Mahesh says ganesh will stay here with her and take care of her.
Mahesh and prabha make darpan sleep. ganesh comes there and holds her hand with his trunk. she my teacher is evil. stay away from her and never take chocolate from her. I will give all mine to you. Just do as I say. He nods. Next morning, ganesh wakes darpan up. Darpan says you are the best brother in whole world. She finds ganesh still standing there with his trunk in her hand. She kissed his head. She sees the time and says I have to complete my homework. Prabha syas to basant wake darpan up. He says she is up already. He says she is studying since she woke up. Ganesh comes and is annoying darpan. she says I cant play please go. He comes with the bat. darpan says please go. why don’t you understand. Prabha comes out and gives milk to darpan. she asks whats wrong? Darpan says ganesh is disturbing me I am doing my homework. Prabah says there is something wrong. she says teacher.. Shakun comes. she says I am on perfect time. I don’t let others wait and I hate waiting myself. I have brought prize for you and your brother darpan. she takes out chocolate darpan says no miss I have done my homework. Prabha says lets go in. Shaku aks darpaan did you tell your parents anything? She says not at all. otherwise you know what I will do.

Darpna has done most of the homework wrong. Shaku comes closer to her. ganesh drops something in her tea. The cup falls on the ground daprna lau8ghs. shaku says who did this. she sees out. ganesh is no where. she says you wild elephant. He will be punished for this. She comes out saying where is ganesh. she falls on the ground due to cows excretion. She moves forward ganesh throws a bucket on her. Ganesh has planned all this. she is covered with mud and grass. She takes out the chocolate and says come here ganesh take it where are you baby ganesh. ganesh comes out. . Ganesh comes running. Darpan says no ganehs please stop. daroan says don’t go there ganesh. don’t eat it. ganesh takes the chocolate. he recalls darpan crying because of shaku. He thros it on her face. darpan says very good ganesh. She tries to hit daroan but gansh holds her. she has hit darpan a bit already.

Precap- ganesh is extremely resented he is going to stand over shaku

Update Credit to: Atiba

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