Bandhan 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ria says to ganesh lets leave now. I have to go. Raghav reaches the factory and sees it one fire. He is shocked. He looks in everything has brunt. He asks to bring water, and says it will all be ruined.

Shubha says where is this girl. she sees ria and says where were you? ria says I was in adjusting my earring near window, It fell out. I was looking for it out. shubha says i would have sent someone. Host announces ria to come to on the floor. SHubha says go fast.Ria says vishwas rao has to dance.Bhao says to ria the house doesn’t need light when ria is here. ria says wont you give me gift of sangeet? bhao says what you want? ria says i wanna dance with you. bhao laughs and says everyone please listen. My daughter in law wants to dance with me. Now vishwas rao will dance in front of you all. He starts dancing. ria sings ‘bach k rehna’. bhao gets a call and says fire? what fire? Are you out of your mind, how can you say that. ria says relax what happened baba? bhao says my warehouse has burnt. My brain is not working. ria’s dad goes with him. ria says in heart its just a factory i will burn everything in you life. all the people leave.

Raghav comes back to the sangeet venue. He says where is everyone? and where is baba? Ria says someone called him and he left everyone followed him. He holds ria’s hand and says baba has gone but i am here and so are you. He sits on his knees and says will you dance with me? for the new beginning of our lives. Ria holds his hand. Raghav starts dancing with her. He recalls when he smelled kerosine and saw mehndi on a rod there in the factory. Raghav is dancing with ria. He says my second biggest enemy fate was with my first biggest enemy today, ria says what you mean? He says welcome back darpan mahesh karnik. ria is shocked. he says you are shocked? why are you shocked? ria says i don’t get anythig. raghav says i got everything, you thought i didn’t know you are darpan. i knew that you are darpan. I know that you have your memory bck and you burnt that timber factory. you think you are so smart but i must say you are a very bad actor. its better you have your memeory back. He grasps her and says i will ruin your life i thought when i meet you i will ruin your life. i met you but you lost your memory. your over confidence taught you that you wont be caught. i will seek revenge of your mom’s death, ria says i didn’t kill naraini aunty. raghav says shut up. Don’t say name of my ai from your tongue. don’t say a word about my dad. He shoves her. raghav says my dad is like a God to me. i would have been on road, if he wasn’t here. He gave me his name, brought me up. I did everything i could as a pal. you would have been on road if my baba wasn’t here. Ria says your dad killed my parents. ragahv says what proof do you have? ria says i don’t have any proofs. please trust me, give me some time i will get proofs. please trust me. h says you broke trust 10 years ago. raghav says you saw it? Ria says ganesh saw it. rgahv says an elephant will give statement now? how much lies will you say now? but no worries, when a girl goes to in laws her habits change. i will change your habit of lying. every day you will die of pain.

Precap-raghav says the tears will make you think why you made this decision, i swear.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. heart healer karan

    hmm good episode

  2. looks like dejavu the same thing is going to happen to darpan just like her parents now writers you cannot have bhao and his family getting away with all this evil even rahav he and darpan were kids together and he knew that darpan loved naraini his mother yet he is quick to believe that because darpan was holding the gun which she stupidly picked up that it was she darpan who killed his mother naraini and we all know that it was bhao so writers please bring back Mahesh darpan cannot bear this burden to destroy bhao all on her own and stupid raghav he is of no help what so ever

  3. writers you know Mahesh is alive some where please bring him back darpan is missing her parents dearly we saw the mother died but we never saw her father died so again bring mahes back and make the show interesting again

  4. Raghav you are so blinded by the evil that your father instilled in your heart that it is hard to hear the truth from Ria right now.When you really find out the truth you will be ashamed of your self.Just as Rao destroyed other people he should be destroyed slowly for all crimes committed.

  5. Do u know d name of this serial it is heart breaking serial nd not bandan every one in bhoas family is hrtless it suks……

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