Jamai Raja 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sid entering Krutika’s room, seeing her crying and asking what happened. She says same old issue, Rajveer hit her again. She says she is happy that Roshni is coming home and needs a gift. He asks what does she need. She says she is missing her childhood and wants to play game with her brother. She says they will switch on a weird money and talk weird. He agrees. She asks he has to tell what will he do with Roshni. He says he is man and canot do anything, once Roshni is trapped, she will come back to him and then later repent. She says his plan is very good and records the whole conversation. Sid is unaware that she is recording everything and is still old ugly faced and ugly minded vamp.

Raj gets busy supervising servants in cleaning house. Simran asks what is he doing. He says his bahu is coming in 1 week and he wants to welcome her in a grand way. He asks her to change herself and think of her son. She gets irked thinking her ugly minded plan is failing.

Husky male voiced DD gets ready for a religious picnic to Jamnagar with family and calls Roshni to find out when will she come home. Roshni says she is busy and will reach the venue directly.

Sid looks at his room and thinks Roshni will be back in this room soon and he will happily live with her. Kritika comes and looks sad. He asks what happened. She asks if Roshni will forgive her and Rajveer. He says he knows Roshni well and since she has changed, Roshni will forgive her. She asks what about Rajveer. He says he cannot guarantee about Rajveer and they both have to keep Rajveer away from Roshni. He holds her hand and says both brother and sister will have to get the family on track. He gets a call and gets tensed.

DD with family reaches railway station to board Jamnagar train and gets worried that Roshni has not come yet. She calls Yash who tells Roshni is attending important client and he will get Roshni via car after that. She then calls Roshni who tells she will come via flight. DD says Yash has agreed to drop her in car and she can spend some time with him. She agrees and leaves in auto. Sid comes from behind his car and says Naani’s information and plan is working well.

Raj disguises as driver and says Yash his driver has some personal problem, so he is his driver temporarily. Yash gets into car and asks him to drive fast. He jokes and then drives car. Raj’s bodyguards come out with driver, give him money and ask him to keep his mouth shut.

Roshni comes home and thinks Yash will come soon. Sid enters. She starts coughing and asks why did he come. He says she is not well and should take rest. she resists. He picks her up and takes her to room.

Raj takes Yash into wrong route. Yash asks why is he taking him into wrong route. Raj says it is a short cut. A hen comes under car and dies. Raj tells she is dead. Yash gets tensed thinking a lady has died, comes out of car, checks and gets relaxed seeing hen instead. A few goons come and carry yash with them. Raj asks him not to worry, he will protect his car. He then thinks he will not let him come in between Sid and Roshni.

Sid gives alcohol bottle to Roshni. She asks if he has mixed poison in it. He drinks half bottle and forces her to drink the rest. She feels drowsy and even he feels drowsy.

Precap: Yash is tied to a pole and tantrik performs pooja in front of him. Roshni wakes up in the morning, hugs Sid and tells even she wants to stay with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. writers please take yash and dd out of the show now and leave sid and roshini to live their lives happily as for rajveer and simran they are one of a kind performing the same evil tricks so please throw rajveer the money monger in prison for life and simran let repent for her old wicked deeds also I cannot understand the change in simran though is as if she transformed into someone else

  2. I agree with the above comment,pls remove Yash out of the show

    1. And remove you from infront of the TV

  3. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    no leave yash but empower sid the more to capture the mind of his wife, remove rajveer instead

    1. If this happens
      The show will come to an END
      Writers are asked to,porlong the show for 5 years

  4. Remove rajveer and that vamp kritika. Simran use to call roshni her daugther not bahu then what happend suddenly she change because of that vamp kritika and bastard rajveer

  5. They should move both rajeev and his dumb ass wife….

  6. I just hope that ugly minded vamp (Krutika) leave the show

    1. I think everyone should leave the show
      The show is no good

      Surprised you are still watching

  7. I am enjoying this over a cup of coffee.Sid is such a great actor that he outshines the others.Sid I agree with you ,do what it takes to have your wife back.Move all the obstacles out of the way.You are such a determined person and I admire this.You are an example to other men who are in this crisis right now ,do not give up on your spouse,fight to regain that love and unity.Lol.

  8. Can a leopard change it skin?no,and that is exactly what Kritika is she cannot change that easily.Anyway,I love love the way that Sid and Roshni romance is going,she is just playing Sid but she really cares for him dearly.

  9. Omd i love the end thou with roshni

  10. Yes it’s time for Rajveer to go plz bring back Resham & Kesar…especially Resham she was so funny. “it’s a it’s a …lol we need funny characters like that too much depressing ones already

    1. It is also time you got a life of your own
      And stopped watching this show

  11. They should take out rajveer but not yash cause in the end he has to end up with kritika. Her and rajveer only did court marriage so they can end it with divorce

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