Bandhan 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan is at the river with ganesh. She says you haven’t taken bath for 9 days. You have to take a bath today. You are so ugly. She shoves him in water. Basant comes and says your mom is calling you there is a surprise for you. A teacher has come to teach you. Darpan says ai never told me. He says she knew that you hate teachers. Darpan says I wont study I won’t come home. He says okay I will tell your mom. Darpan says to ganesh what will happen to me now ganesh.

Mahesh asks the teacher whom did you teach before? The teacher says God’s kids. All children belong to God so I love them all. Prabha says we are so happy shakuntala ji that you will teach Darpan. Shakun says I know how to handle kids. I always say that kids are made for love. Mahesh gets a call. He goes out. Mahesh’s man tell him that dev and his pal isn’t home. Mahesh says I know where they are. Reach the forest as soon as possible. Prabha asks Mahesh is everything okay? He says yeah I have to leave for some work. Shakun asks where is darpan? She says I will bring her in a moment.

Darpan says ganesh think of a new plan. We have to do something. If ai comes here she will take me there. Prabha is coming there with basant. darpan says I will give you all my chocolates tell me a place to hide. DArpan hides. Prabha comes there and looks everywhere for her.

Mahesh and his mate disguise and go to forest. Dev and his men are digging. His man comes and says leopards have been seen near cliff. Dev says lets go there. Prabha asks ganesh where is darpan? SHe says you know where is she? If I find her here I won’t leave you as well. Darpan is hidden In water. Prabha says we won’t give chocolates to ganesh. Ganesh likes sweets as well. Prabha says this all will be given to good kid. To the one who will tell me where is darpan. Prabha says ganehs is a good boy he will tell me where is darpan. He point in th water. Basant says darpan come out. She comes out.

Prabha asks basasnt to keep ganesh out.

Mahesh’s pal tells him that they have seen some people at the plateau. He is rushing there. Dev falls in his own dig. All the cops come there. he says to Mahesh I won’t leave. When he sees cops h says I have not done anything. They asked me to hunt animals. Mahesh says dev pratap I did everything. He takes off his fake beard.

Darpan says why you appointed the teacher. I don’t like them. Shakun comes there and says I am happy to meet her. She extends her hand to darpan. Darpan shakes hand with her. Sakuntla says I am here to teach you lessons. we wll will enjoy. She squeezes darpan’s hand. Darpan says she grasped my hand.

Precap-darpan says to ganesh stay away from me you sent me to that ghost. Shakun comes to her and says you called me ghost? She pinches her and says don’t ever make me wait.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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