Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar is irked to see Pari’s pic in his and Rashi’s photo frame. Gopi says she saw Pari checking this photoframe. Pari says he wanted to be part of his family and asks him to ask sorry. He hesitantly says her sorry. Gopi sees glue on floor and says Pari that photo frame’s glass was already broken and she fixed her pic in this photoframe and fixed it, so she will inform about it to Jigar. Pari asks why can’t she see her happy and says she just want to be part of Jigar’s family, hugs and thanks her for safeguarding her secret.

Meera and Molu say Pari that they have selected some dresses for her to wear during garba celebration and go in to bring magazine. Pari starts wiping her sweat with tolu’s towel. Tolu snatches towel and says it is his towel and dare not to use his towel again. Pari thinks these kids are very mischievous. Molu and Meera bring magazine and who her dress designs. Pari goes in to bring juice for them and adds sleeping tonic in it so that kids can sleep and not disturb her. Kokila on the other side asks Gopi to practice and get into kitchen to get something. Kokila sees juice in Pari’s hands and asks what is she doing. Pari says she is taking juice for Molu and Meera as they are working hard with her and needs energy. She gives juice to molu and Meera. Meera says she does not want to have. Gopi comes there and asks her not to force Meera. Pari insists Meera, but she does not drink. Kokila comes and asks Pari to drink herself as she needs energy. Pari says she does not need it. Kokila says she is worried about her like she is worried about Meera and forces her to drink. Pari thinks her move is going against herself. Pari thinks it is just a cough syrup and nothing to worry, drinks juice in front of Kokila. Kokila says Meera that she is going to temple with Hetal. Meera says even she will accompany her. Pari and molu start getting drowsy.

Urmila reaches Modi bhavan and goes to meet tolu/molu before Pari. She sees Pari sleeping with molu and thinks Pari takes care of Rashi’s kids well. She tries to wake Pari and Molu up, but they don’t get up. Pari in sleep says she gave cough syrup to molu. Urmila slaps her. Pari wakes up and asks why did she slap her. Urmila says she now knows that her love for kids is fake and starts alleging her. Pari says these kids are devils and she feels like throwing them out. Urmila slaps her again. Pari splashes tomato ketchup on her and asks her dare not to slap her again. Gopi sees that and slaps Pari. Pari asks how dare she is to slap her. Gopi asks she wants to ask same and asks how dare she is trouble her aunt and says her aunt is like her mother and dare not to even touch her. She says she will inform it to everyone and holds her hand. Gopi slaps her again. Pari tries to slap her, but Gopi holds her hand ans twists it. She asks Urmila to come with her. Urmila says she does not have to intervene between her and Pari and asks her to go from there. Gopi walks out with tears. Urmila says Pari not to touch her grandchildren and to take care of them and leaves. Pari falls asleep again.

Gopi prays god to show her a way and cries. Someone holds her shoulder. She turns back and sees Urmila standing her. Urmila apologizes her and says she knows Pari’s truth now and does not want Pari to know about it. Even she wants to get Pari’s truth out and will help her get proof.

Pari says Hetal that she will get Jigar to dandiya party. Gopi says she does not have to do that. Pari says he will go into depression else and promises Hetal again that she will bring Jigar to dandiya party.

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  1. when will end this ?

  2. i know too large period of paridhi’s drama please end this drama and get out the paridhi from jigar life and the modi house and specially get out from the serial that joker paridhi

  3. Whn ths stpd dirty serial ends up????

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