Bandhan 28th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 28th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ria goes back to the jungle and looks for ganesh. She repeats his name again and again. he says your sister is here ganesh. why are you not listening to me, please come. I was forced to be mad at you. don’t you trust your sister. I have got you after so long. ganesh come screaming. Ria swipes her tears and smiles. Ria stands up and caresses him. She says where are you going? are you still mad at me? i will explain it to you. I know i have hurt, i fought with you in front of vishwas rai but i had to do this. I said a lot to you. I had to fire as well. i did this so he could believe that we are not darpan and ganesh. if he gets to know that i am darpan and you are ganesh he would have killed us right there.

Ria hugs him and says i always felt like i miss something. I was lost because id didn’t have you. I want to live those years we spent together.She eats chocolate with him and they roam around the jungle together. She makes a rakhi for him. she says where is my gift, he sees the ring in her hand and gets mad. ria says i am engageed to raghav. I want to seek revenge from vishwas rao. I had to be in his house to kill him slowly. you know it all now. She says i know no one will be there with me. Raghav thinks i killed his mom, i will make him believe the truth. I will seek revenge from vishwas rao. we have to stay away for that. ganesh recalls mahesh and prabha dying. Ria says do you remember you we used to play hide and seek. I wil count till ten and you will hide. dont meet me after that. stay away frm me. i will meet you when i am done with my revenge. She starts counting in tears.

Scene 2
Bhao says to meethi my tiger’s wedding is fixed. Meethi says what happened in the temple? Were they darpan and ganesh. Bhao says my tiger come in. Raghav comes in. Bhao says she thinks she is ria and that elephant is ganesh. tell her who they are. Raghav says she is ria. meethi leave.
Ria looks back ganesh is still standing there. He starts walking in her direction. ganesh shows her the rakhi. He gives her a stick, ria says why are you giving it to me? ria says we are more strong together you are way smarter than me. I can’t do anything without. Vishwas rao’s destruction will start from my mehndi.

Precap-There is mehndi on ria’s hand of rgahv’s name. Raghav says it will disappear soon. ria put it on his hand as well and says now i wont go from your life ever.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I hope Ria will be successful jnorder to gain revenge.I am a bit scared because Vishwas is a dangerous rouge.

  2. You are right Rosey but no matter what happens Ria and Ganesh will win vishwas roa or Bhoa.

  3. Aur Pyar Ho Gaya Fan

    Wht crap

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