Bandhan 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meethi locks the store. Darpan says sheetal aunty save me please.
Darpan sits crying. ganesh is also worried. Dev comes to his room. He locks the door and goes near kajri. He takes the veil off her face. She says listen my wife why you cry? You are covering this face like you are an innocent virgin. Your bad days have started. Its my punishment to marry you but you will pay for it. Let’s celebrate this wedding night. He takes the cloth of her face. Kajri has a knife in her hand. she shoves dev and points the knife at his neck. She says my life is ruined but its better to kill you and live in jail. Shecuts his face a little. she says what you thought you can do anything to me? I am not like those women you stay at nights with. I will kill you if you try to touch me. She places her matress on floor and says don’t come near me and yes I will take care of darpan. No more torture for her. She sleeps.

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Scene 2
Next morning darpan wakes up in the store room. She drinks water from a pit near her. She recalls ganesh waking her up. SHe says please come back and save me ganesh. She says bring my ganesh back God.

The director says this elephant has not eaten anything. I think he needs to go somewhere. someone he loves is calling us. Director says should I send you somewhere? go and get the short ready. the boy goes to ganesh and says tell me where you wanna go? is someone calling you?

Dev holds kajri’s hand. She points the knife and says don’t dare to do this. he says why did you bring this tea? She says sheetal asked me. you know its my munh dikhai today. Meethi maa is scolding at the cook. kajri says I will make it all. Meethi says how can I let you work you are a bride. Methi says you think I would say that? No there is no place for a dancer in my house. If you touch anything it will be intoxicated for us. you came here because of darpan you will never have respect in this house. Kajro laughs and says your name should be intoxicated maa. I am your sister in law now and what has darpan done to you? meethi says you saw my poison? stay away from me. if I bite you and darpan you both will die. kajri syas now I know why God didn’t make you mom. You have no motherhood in you. meethi is speechless and in tears. kajri is looking for darpan. darpan says from store please save me didi. Kajri says who locked it and who has keys? DEv says I have the keys. He spins key around his finger. kajri says shame on you. she is a little girl. you wont even get a place in hell. dev says hell? darpan is in hell. if she doesn’t listen to meethi she will be punished daily. kajri says darpan I will get you out don’t worry. she says give me the key? DEv says I am really scared of you. okay I will open the door but you have to give me something in return? Kajri says all right I am ready. Dev comes near her, kajri attacks him with knife and take the keys. She opens the door and says darpan come out. she hugs her.kajri says they are all same. don’t know why they are doing this with you. darpan says I am alone ganesh isn’t with me. kajri says I am with you we will tell bhao everything. darpan says if you tell hijm shaku wont look for ganesh. I want ganesh back I can endure anything for him. kajri hugs her.

Bhao says to shaku tell dev that wedding is responsibility thing. it moves like cycle wheels. you have to be mature now. I have an urgent meeting. I will gift to bahu and leave after that. you have to handle everything. shaku says yes I will handle it. Sheetal brings kajri. They are shocked to see darpan with her. bhao says my best friend where were you? are you a magician? you disappear. shaku says she was tired playing so she went to her room. Kajri touches bhao’s feet. He gives her a silver set. He says my best friend you have to stay with kajri. he takes sureya with him and leaves. Meethi sas how you came out? Kajri syas I brought her out. any problem?

Precap-darpan says in temple how can I connect to ganehs? should I write him a letter? Raghav comes and says yes write him. He gives her a paper and pen. They bind the letter with a balloon and leave it n the air.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. this storyline is ridiculous all this problem this one little child darpan has to endure losing her mother father and her brother the elephant leaving her home in the forest to live with these beasts that call themselves people please bring back this show to what it used to be so that viewers could enjoy watching in again the first wrong move the script writers made was to bring murder into this nice soap that turned everyone off of this show so writers do your do and fix what you destroyed.

  2. N0,0riginality any m0re

  3. The show has lost its interest .

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