Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini looks at Manik from the door and says that I have to walk away. She turns around and hears Manik call her and comes in one last time. As soon as she touches Manik’s takes a deep breath and she writes something in the sheet. She prays that her promise is kept by her and leaves the room. Manik tries to signal Nandini and though she sees it but still leaves.
Harshad says to Neunika that this much love for Manik instantly and says that I thought that you would be happy to see him like that. Neunika says that no harms Manik but me. She say that you forgot your boundaries and you know that I don’t like that. Harshad says that I am also in pain as I am not enjoying in the cell. He says that it’s been time so just get me out of here especially for an old time sake. Neunika pushes him aside and says that don’t play these tricks on me. She says that pray that Manik Is not hurt as there is a 7 years prison for an attempt for murder.

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Nandini gives Rishabs’ observation to the doctor and he asks if Rishab came in contact with any radioactive material. Her aunt says that it’s a radio while Nandini explains what they are. The doctor says that there are radioactive particles in his brain which cause the attacks. The doctor says that we can remove them and tells them Rishan can get better. They come outside and hug each other, and Nadnini tells her to go and rest at home. She leaves saying that I will make something new again.
Nandini decides to call Manik when she hears the nurse say that he has pain in his hand. She comes to his room again when Manik asks her that if she is sure for her answer. Manik is still not awake and a stand falls which wakes him up. Nandini quickly covers herself with a sheet and lies on the sofa.
Dhruv is eating when Aliya tells him to eat slowly, he says that Manik is alone and tells the girls to go home. Aliya says that I will come at 5 and then asks Muktii about Cabir. Muktii is lost somewhere and says that she didn’t talk to him. Dhruv asks what is wrong with her and Muktii says that I am wondering to what is happening to us. Muktii says that this is only happeninig because of Harshad while Dhruv tells her to calm down. Muktii leaves and Dhruv stops Aliya and says that let her go as Muktii doesn’t handle stress well.
Manik asks of who is sleeping there and says that are you mad. Nadnini quickly covers herself again and again as he turns his face. Manik says that it has to be you Cabir otherwise if it was Dhruv her would have stood outside. Manik says that it’s over between us, me and Nandini and once I get out of my bed I will celebrate for freedom. He asks Cabir to come out when he feels pain in his arm.
He says that I am such an idiot when Neunika says that you are. She comes in and scolds him when Manik says that I don’t have the energy to prove anything. Neunika says that Manik your hand is to be amputated and he suddenly wakes up but still doesn’t have the strength. He tells Neunika to stop lying she turns around and sees someone sleeping. Manik than tells her to get out and she leaves.
Muktii says that I have tried to be good but every time I every time I do badly. She decides to get Harshad and the draknees out of her and approaches the pharmacy. She is walking when she hits someone who thanks her for this beautiful accident. He looks at her and says beautiful and then leaves. He leaves a piece of paper behind which Muktii picks up.
Manik is looking at his hand and can’t believe it. He reaches for a bottle when Nandini wakes up and covers him. The nurse comes in and asks how this happened, Dhruv comes in as well and he asks about Cabir. Dhruv says that he is with his mother and Manik asks about his hand. Dhruv says that there is hope and Manik sees the promise written by Nandini.

Precap: Manik says to Nandini that you can’t stay away from me than why do you. She agrees with him and kisses him on the cheek.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  5. d guy iz abhimanyu mukti’s future_______ may be…….

  6. nyonnika does reallly cares fr her son…..may be cz he s son……..foreign dooc means a lot..even she said to harshad that she can only hurt Manik no 1 else………bt m vry happy.even sad fr MaNan .y nandu yyyy ……..u can t do dis…..

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  18. Manik’s hand is fine , not not,,, super fine. the doc did not amputate his arm…. hearing this nandu will pray to ayappa ,,, & this was heared by dhruv

  19. Hey soundarya ,have 2 day’s epsd updated yet? I m not able to find it.

  20. By the way the epsd was superb. Thr was no manan scene bt atleast manik is fine. Sry guyz actually I was not sure abt that .so, I did not tell it.

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