Balika Vadhu Season 2 18th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi and Anand’s holi

Balika Vadhu Season 2 18th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi going live. She tells about Sharma’s misbehavior. She tells that we don’t believe that a woman is an enemy of another woman, we are like sisters, we want to give a message to the perverts that no consent, no colour, wear this kurta, click a pic and post to support her. Jigar and Anand smile. The girls message that they are with Anandi. Anandi asks shall we file a complaint. Diya says I will fight till the end, thank you so much.

Anandi says sorry, I had to call you here because it’s a serious offense. Inspector says I have no proof against Sharma. Anandi says he has no right to misbehave with anyone, court will decide he is guilty or not, but you have to take our complaint. He says fine, I advise you to hire a good lawyer soon. He leaves. Diya thanks Anandi. Anandi says don’t worry, Sharma will get punished for his sins. Bhairavi wishes Anand. She says I thought to go and congratulate Anandi for the brilliant campaign. He says I have no one to play holi with. She says you should talk and sort out things. He says I m giving her time, she will come back if she wants. Diya assists Jigar in arrangements. He says wow, I m proud of you for this smile. She says credit goes to you, thanks for making me understand that it was not my mistake. He says anytime, what are friends for. Bhairavi comes to meet Anandi. She asks looking for something. Anandi says no, come, enjoy the party. Bhairavi says Anand won’t come. Anandi says oh. Bhairavi says you both are adults and can manage it well, but I think I should share my insight, Anand was young when he learnt that he is adopted, I have loved him the most, he felt I m doing a favor on him, he expressed his happiness but with lots of sadness, anger and regret, he never shares his feelings. She goes. Raju and Puttu come. Puttu shows the crown she chose for Diya. Raju makes Diya wear it. He hugs Diya and kisses her. He wishes her happy holi. Diya asks why did you do that. He says you also hugged and kissed Puttu. She says because I love her. He says yes, I also love you. She says I love you both, I liked the gift, happy holi. They apply colours to each other. Diya smiles.

Anand gets Anandi’s call. He says I m happy you called me. She says Diya was asking when will you come. He says I spoke to her in the morning, I told her that I won’t come, are you sure that she was asking. She says Varun was also asking. He asks anyone else, I want to know if you are missing me, do you want me to come in the party. He says yes, I want you to come in the holi party, it will be good for our business. He refuses and ends the call. Pinku makes some bhaang. He asks Jigar to have it, happy holi. Jigar throws the bhaang. He says you have gone mad, its office party, don’t do this here, sing, dance and have thandai, else go, don’t do such things here.

Anand comes playing dhol. Anandi says I knew it, you will come. Bhairavi smiles seing them. Anandi wishes happy holi. Anand asks can I apply it. Anandi says its your right, but not so easily. She runs. He asks how much will you run today. She hides. He catches her. He says you called me, because you were missing me. She says no. He says fine, I will not apply the colours. She says don’t go, I was just teasing you, yes, I wanted you to apply colour to me first. He asks really. She says yes. Dil se re…..plays…. He applies her the colours. He says thanks for forgiving me, sorry I lied to you. She applies the colours to his face. He says not so easily. She says I will not leave you without applying colours. He says catch me first.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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