Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya questions Ram about Vedika

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram trying to make the sketch. He makes a heart. Priya asks is this kachori. He says no. He makes the heart properly. She says heart, is this the word. Brinda asks Ram to make it right, its easy. Ram says think Priya, you can do it. Priya struggles to guess the film name. Brinda asks Priya to guess it. Priya jokes. Vedika comes. Priya asks Ram to make something good, its so confusing. Priya says you made a bangle, you mean Akki is an idiot. Ram says no, forget it. He makes a sketch again. She says Maine pyaar kiya. Brinda says try it in other language. Sara says Priya, try it fast. Priya doesn’t get it. Ram shouts I love you… Priya gets shocked and looks at him. Adi hugs Ram and says you won today. Priya sees Vedika in the blue saree and thinks Ram ordered it for Vedika, was it Vedika’s messages. Ram thinks why is she shocked hearing I love you. Sandy says no one can defeat you both. Ram says right, she will be with me when I fall weak, she is my strength, my pride. Sandy says superb. Vedika goes to congratulate. Ram says I will take Priya to the room. Vedika smiles and says Ram’s peace will get ruined now, I will play a game now, find the object, Priya will get the saree receipt in the room, then we will see who wins and who loses. Ram sees Priya upset and thinks did I overdo it, why is she upset. Priya thinks what am I doing, why did I think of that. She recalls Ram’s words.

She says what if he bought a saree for his friend, Ram isn’t such, he will not cheat me, he isn’t like those men. She washes her face and comes. She says everything is fine. He says you don’t like media attention, its my mistake to put pressure on you. She says I did it by my wish. He says I know you don’t like it. She gets the saree receipt. She asks is this yours. He says leave it, it was Brinda’s clue, she is naughty. She says I couldn’t understand you, keep the receipt, the saree is worth 50000rs. He says no, its handloom saree, its not worth 50000rs. She says it’s the receipt of the saree which you got for Vedika. He says I didn’t buy any saree for her. She says don’t lie to me, you can spend money on anyone, your name is written on it. He says I don’t know who is buying what, I didn’t get it for Vedika. He thinks is Priya jealous of Vedika, no. Priya says she sent you the saree pic and you replied. He asks are you jealous. She asks what did you say.

He asks her to read Vedika’s message. He reads it for her. He says I m glad to know that you are jealous. She says no, I just said it to clear it. He says we will clear your jealousy also. She gives him the note back. He says you have changed, it happens when one falls in love. She says no, you had kept a condition that love will never come in our life, I remember.

Vedika says Ram went to office. Priya says he went so soon. Shubham accuses Akki. Priya says he didn’t steal. Ram comes home.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. good episode…firstly that Ram`s drawing was so cute but Vedika ruined by coming just after that..anyways that sari misunderstanding got cleared….yes Priya was feeling jealous and Ram was teasing her like that scene of not bending to take the paper which had fallen…lol….but at last what she said Ram ko acha nhai laga…Priya ko really past bhulake aage badhna hoga and she should soon realise her love for Ram….pyar to hai but ehsas hona baki hai..hope in future that she do not believe in any faltu message of Vedika which she had seen before and beleived it to be true that time….

    1. Bade Ache…. as i mentioned many times, Vedika’s story shoukd end. Go to Sashi or get the hack out of This series. Take away Nandini too.

  2. Yeah! Kick both the wicked stepmom and the scheming ex-girlfriend out of the house and your life. Be smart, Ram. Loving Priya is not enough. You are making the mistake that countless men like you have done. Which is that your mother/ step mother is so blo*dy caring and has your best interests at heart. Whereas the truth is that all she cares about is that she’s losing her power over you and of course she’ll never allow that! And it’s never a good idea to bring your ex into your house.

    If you want your wife’s love and trust then don’t allow anyone who does not have your best interests into your nest, especially phony people. Kick the two phonies right out of your life and house. One way or the other, all they care about is your money.

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