Balika Vadhu 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 8th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saachi telling Dadisaa that her daughter in law brought her great grand child with her. She says what a scheme, a child is free with a bride, not to miss this offer. Ira gets angry and loses her cool, she slaps her. Saachi says you insult me to the core. She then says congrats to Sumitra and says that village type bahu became your daughter in law. She asks Sumitra to tell Ganga, how much hatred she had for her in her heart. Ira angrily takes her with her with family in tow. Anandi also leaves silently. While everyone are shocked with Saachi’s drama.

Ganga cries, Jagya consoles her and says Saachi hurts everyone including her family. They might be feeling shy as their daughter made them feel so low and insulted. Ganga tells that she isn’t crying because Saachiji insulted her,she says she is crying because she feels she is responsible for her present condition. She says she drank alcohol and came to the function. She says, I don’t want to become reason of someone else pain. She says how can I get peace. Jagya tells her that she is not responsible for Saachi’s doings. He says you have not done anything to her. She is responsible for her own doings and no one else. You are not responsible for anything.

At the Shekhar’s house, Alok stops Saachi and thanks her for the humiliation, they have faced because of her. He says he can face even more humiliation and insult and can even stay alive after the insult. Ira asks, why you are talking to her. She doesn’t care for anyone’s pain, troubles because she is important for herself. She says she is not only selfish, stupid but also a bad thinking girl. She says she is happy that jagya didn’t marry her else he could have to face the same humiliation which they are going through. She folds her hands and apologize for giving birth to her and facing the insult. She promises everyone that no one will have to feel ashamed because of her and she will make sure that she didn’t do anything. She takes her forcibly to her room. Anandi asks Ira to leave Saachi and says she will talk to her.

Ira tells Saachi that you took advantage of my given independence, she says this room is your world from now. Saachi is still in drunken state. Meenu tells Ira that the punishment is severe. Ira says her mistakes are big. She asks, how can she reach Jaitsar when I left her in your company. Meenu says she went to her room for sometime. Alok says he thought she is in her room but he found her to be missing, they calls her friend to enquire about her. Shiv says she is to be blamed for her doings and it is not good to blame other.

Sumitra is crying and tells Bhairav that she trusted Saachi more than her kids and she can’t believe her her real face. She says she doesn’t respect elders. She says how can she be wrong. Bhairav tells her that Saachi is in the same place as jagya. He says Jagya did a mistake when he was younger. He says she will get well soon citing her upbringing and with time. He asks her not to blame herself and asks her to sleep.

Dadisaa calls Daddu and enquires about them. Daddu says everyone are fine. He says I was trying to call you but I didn’t have courage to call you. He apologizes to her for Saachi’s doings. Dadisaa says you are not at fault. She says our Era and time has gone, we used to follow our parent’s sayings. Today’s kids takes their own decisions and but their decisions gets wrong. She says but we can’t leave our kids naa. She tells him that she shall get a new way of life. She suggests him to get Saachi marry to someone and says she will get a ray of life and everything will be fine. Daddu thanks her for her suggestion and says marriage is a big decision of life. She is not able to take care of herself, how can she handle marriage. Daddu says she couldn’t forget Jagdish and says she needs a doctor right now. Dadisaa says she prays for Saachi’s betterment and disconnects the call.

Saachi is talking with Ankita and is still angry. She tells Ankita that her family have locked her in her room and tells everything in flashback. Ankita gets happy and praises her guts. Saachi says I have to get outside else I will go mad. Ankita suggests her to lock the door from inside.

Ganga irons Jagya’s shirt and gives it to him. Jagya asks her to make him wear being his wife. Ganga obliges. She gives his handkerchief and wallet. Jagya asks her to button his shirt, while she is doing so Jagya gets closer to her and says he couldn’t give something to her in the function. Ganga says she didn’t need anything. Jagya says he is very clear about the calculations. Ganga says door is open. Jagya says today he will…. Ganga closes her eyes. Jagya is about to kiss Ganga.


Jagya tells his family that Ganga wants to join her duty at the hospital. Dadisaa says you have your own hospital and whether it will be good if she does the nurse duty there. Anandi asks Shiv to handle Saachi with love. Shiv doorcrashes the door with his leg and asks Saachi,what is this nonsense. Meanwhile Anandi looks at something.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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