Madhubala 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu is helping RK walk and Pabho approaches and asks how are u? RK says getting late..!

Pabho says not always Madhu will be with u .. so … RK asks to spill it

Pabho calls servant and he brings a wheelchair.. All are shocked seeing it!

Pabho says may be tomorrow Madhu will feel suffocated with u.. so i dun want u become a burden for Madhu accept this..!

RK throws the wheelchair from the stairs and says.. first and last time. .i am not handicapped.. n dare not think so..! RK says my name is Rishabh Kundra Madhubala..!Madhu will be with me ..till my last breath..!

RK says during my last breath if God says.. here is a lease of life in exchange of Madhu ..i will say.. keep life with urself.. i wont give up Madhu ever!

Media says how RK has become a hero after a major paralytic attack..! RK arrives on set.. ! All surround RK and ask questions .. as to how he is resuming work so soon ..n RK says u all missed me so came..! Media asks why Madhu came home alone from police station..! RK says coz she knows the address of her home!

RK invites Media for live shooting..!

Dips taunts Pabho about how she is losing her grip on RK …! Pabho twists Dips hand and asks to mind her business and stop taunting!

Both Madhu and Bittu are worried about how RK will shoot in this condition! Mehul gives a simple shot..!

Part 2

RK tells Mehul they will shoot the scene the way its written! He says can see the look of pity in eyes of all .. n i dun want that..!

He says shoot the scene as it is.. ! Bittu says fine..! He says no need to call media inside..! RK says call them inside!

Part 3

Media walk inside …! Dips comes on the set and Sikky follows.. and requests to talk to RK!

Madhu asks Mehul to convince RK but he says.. he doesnt listen to anyone..!

Scene is being shot and RK is unable to get up Media watches intently ..! Mehul cuts the scene..! RK doesnt relent..!

Precap: RK tries to walk and ends up falling at the feet of the junior artist! Madhu tries to help RK stand up ..! Media takes all the pics…! RK is in tears..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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