Balika Vadhu 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 6th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Anandi’s teacher’s function at DISHA MAHILA UTTHAN GRIHA in Bhanupur
When the girls ask anandi how she managed to study after getting married, and she went on to describe how her family had full on supported her for this. she goes on to name jaitsar in its course.

Mannu’s caretaker, ghanshyam hearing jaitsar thinks that through anandi, he can send news to ganga that her son is here. He sees mannu to anandi, who is extremely happy to be playing with him. Ghanshyam tells her that its not his son, but he’s taking care of it. as she gets busy with the girls, ghanshyam asks anandi that he has an improtant work with her, as she’s from jaitsar. But before he can talk, she is called by the teacher, and she goes on to join her. But just then, mannu’s grandmother comes and motions ghanshyam to come along with her, and a scared ghanshyam complies.

As anandi, on teacher’s insistence, gets busy distributing books to the girls, ganga’s mention comes up. While telling ganga’s story to the students as another example to inspire the girls, she is reminded that she had spotted her son, and even talked to the caretaker in the crowd. She recalls the past 10 minutes and is shocked and runs out. She goes on to find, but couldnt find mannu. she goes on to reprimand herself for not being able to recognise mannu, when she saw her. when the teacher asks what happened, anandi tells her everything, saying that ganga isnt able to move on, without her son by her side. she asks about ghanshyam.

Anandi thinks that ratan must be here too. she wonders where would they find ratan singh. Ananadi comes up with the idea, that the girls, will go door to door, selling the things that they made themselves, and find out about the baby’s residence. They are happy with the idea, and anandi telling them about ratan’s background and to be cautious in their search, go along to find mannu.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
while playing with nandu, gehna has a severe pain bout and basant, worried asks her to lie down. He send nandu to go and call sumitra and jagiya.

Nandu doesnt find jagiya in his room and wonders where is he.

Meanwhile ganga, makes a cap of nurse, and goes on to see how she looks in the mirror. Nandu sees her and is curious to find her dressed like that. But ganga is happy when she finds nandu recognising it as a nurse’s cap. They start having fun.

Just then, jagiya enters and gives her some books and finds ganga behaving awkwardly, as she hurriedly drapes her dupatta over her head, so that jagiya doesnt see her like this. He asks her what happened, and she averts answering to that question. Jagiya asks her to study and then is about to leave, when nandu’s naughtiness forces ganga to reveal the cap, which makes jagiya laugh, despite trying to control badly.

Just then, basant enters and finds nandu playing aropund and having fun. He reprimands nandu for forgetting about his own mother’s pain, and getting busy in playing around. He tells jagiya of gehna’s increasing pain bouts, and jagiya goes with him to check on gehna.

Jagiya asks about the spots of the injectionss. gehna tells him. He asks if she took ice pack, but gehna says that she took it only once. Jagiya tries to explain to them, that she has to do it thrice, and that they shouldnt take this procedure lightly. He leaves to get ice for her.

He goes to ganga and taking her into the kitchen and collecting ice, he tells her the procedure to put it on gehna’s back, and she hears intently.

As ganga puts it according to jagiya’s instructions, basant and jagiya leave for ganag to finish her work. As they come out, nandu apologizes for his mistake saying that this wont happen again. Basant forgives him.

Scene 3:
Location: Shiv’s office and Bhanupur
shiv thinks that he has to call anandi, and when she picks up, he asks when is she returning back. Anandi tells shiv, saying that they have found mannu in Bhanupur and she’s sure that ratam must be here too. He asks her to be safe, and tells her that he would instantly leave. He calls up the intercom and tells the inspector that he would instantly have to leave along with the team. when anandi describes ghanshyam, shiv remembers him as he last saw him.

Scene 4:
Location: Anandi’s teacher’s function at DISHA MAHILA UTTHAN GRIHA in Bhanupur
The girls go around, selling things in the area, and trying to find mannu in its grab, by asking for water and getting entry inside the house. Finally, they give up, not finding a clue, and go back to anandi and tell her that they didnt find anything. Ananadi is disappointed, but she sends them off to another house. finally they come in and tell anandi that they found the child, and that the family had come here, just a few days back, in some inspector’s house and that since his wife’s due herself, therefore they dont take care good care of the baby. Anandi is very happy to hear this. As anandi tells the teacher to wait here, while she goes to get mannu, the teacher tells her that she wouldnt go alone and that she too would go along with the girls. The screen freezes on anandi’s happy face.

Underlying message: Against injustice, when a person fighting for truth and justice takes the first step, he is joined in by thousands more, sympathising for a common cause.

Precap: Padma says irritatedly that now they have to keep changing shelters due to this ominous baby, referring to mannu. while her mother in law, tries to calm her down, she is confronted with ratan, who tells her to beware what she says as she’s talking about his son. Padma says that he only cares for mannu and not hee baby, thats due. ratan retorts back saying that whether he would care for her baby would depend on the fact whether padma delivers a boy or a girl. padma is shocked to hear this

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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