Madhubala 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 6th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu is walking on the road recollecting Dips disgusting words about RK-Madhus drunken night..! She stumbles but stabilises herself..! As she walks.. she hears a kids scream..! She turns to look around..its dense jungle all around..! She quietly walks inside the jungle..! She spots a kid gagged and bound..! Madhu rushes to where the kid is.. n he tries to signal her to stop..! The kid has leg braces..! Madhu releases him from his binds..! She picks up the kid and suddenly someone fires bullets on her..! Madhu escapes..! The goons start to chase Madhu in the jungle and Madhu runs ..carrying the kid on her shoulder..! Madhu hides behind the bushes.. n the goons chasing her lose track..! Madhu does her chant..! She prays to Lord Ganpati for protection! Right then the new entry is shown jumping out of the water.. bare chest.. with a tattoo on his back..! BG- Deva ..deva.!

He points guns at the screen n then across his sides..! Madhu is shown chanting her mantra..! The guy puts on his kurta and is running..! Right then the goons decide to hide.. so as to trap Madhu and the kid! As Madhu gets up to run .. the new entry comes n points the gun at her n asks her to leave the kid..! Madhu refuses..! The guy tries to strangle Madhu but she bites his arm n runs..! Right then the goons open fire on the new guy n he shoots all of them..! Few of the goons who manage to survive.. encircle him with guns .. swords..and he bashes them all ..! Madhu is trying to run as fast as she can..carrying the kid..! The new guy shoots all the goons…and he looks at the bite on his arm and runs into the jungle behind Madhu..! Madhu again hides..with the kid..! The guy walks towards where Madhu is hiding n as she gets up to run..she bangs her head on the tree trunk n passes out! The guy points the gun at the kid..!

Dips tells all that she has no idea where Madhu is..! Bittu says..since she came to meet Dips last.. she ought to know! Dips says..she was hungry.. so ate Madhu between bread pieces! Dips tells all that Madhu is not a kid..she knows how to lose.. as well as stabilise herself! RK calls Bittu! Bittu says he is coming to him! Dips asks what Chief said? Bittu says that Chief has threatened that the person who has engulfed Madhu.. he ought to rip her tummy out n get Madhu back safe and sound!

Part 2

Madhu wakes up to find herself in the bedroom of someone.. with some paste applied to her head..! She recollects the jungle incident and wakes up panting..! She looks around herself and sees an elderly guy offering food to her! She asks him who he is and what she is doing there? And where she is?? She asks about the kid..! The elderly tells her to leave all that and eat..! He turns to leave and Madhu runs after him n right then the new guy comes…wearing vest and trackies.! Madhu tells him that he killed the kid..! He tells Madhu to keep quiet.. n eat .as she has done a lot of damage! Madhu tries to leave..but he blocks her! Madhu threatens to complaint to cops.. but the guy refuses to move aside! Madhu passes out. .n he lifts her n puts her on the bed..! He leaves the room!

Paddo tries to contact Madhu but no response! Trish says..she must be busy in shoot. .n not to worry! Paddo says.. no she is worried..n hope Madhu receives! The set people ask where Madhu is and ask all to search..! Paddo calls Madhu again n Bittu receives n informs her that they are all trying to locate Madhu but since 2 hours.. no one has seen Madhu! Paddo breaksdown! Trish asks the matter to Bittu! Bittu updates Trish n assures that they are all trying to locate Madhu ..even Chief ..! Trish reassures Paddo.. ! RK is walking towards the jungle and screams.. MADHU ..! Bittu asks where will he search Madhu in this dense jungle ..better call cops! RK says.. if he cant find Madhu ..he will put the jungle on fire and for saying what he did.. he will throw Bittu in that fire!

Part 3

Trish tells the cops that had she known where Madhu is..she wont have called the cops! Paddo asks the matter…! Trish recollects seeing Madhus torn kurta.. ! Paddo asks if RK did something to Madhu?? The chawl guys come n inform Paddo that missing person report can be filed after 24 hours. only! Paddo wonders what to do.. n where to search for Madhu! Radha comes and says that they have filed a complaint already..! She reassures Paddo-Trish that nothing will happen to Madhu as she has never caused any pain to anyone else.. n that she is fine..wherever she is.. ! She asks them to stay strong!

Its late in the night…Madhu wakes up..! She is still dizzy but stablises herself n rushes outside her bedroom n manages to reach the kids bedroom! She picks up the kid and tells him that nothing will happen to him .. n carries him in her arms..! As she steps out in the hall ..the lights come up n the new guy is sitting on the sofa..! He asks Madhu if she wants to leave? And if yes? Then she better leave the world… either.. THANK U or GOOD BYE .. .her call! Madhu tries to reassure the kid..! The elderly guy asks Madhu to let go of the kid.. but she opposes .. the new guy asks Madhu to leave n she does! She then takes the gun from the elderly guys pocket n points at the new guy…!

Precap — Madhu asks them to stay back or she will shoot! The new guy walks towards Madhu n she threatens to open fire. .but he keeps walking towards her.! The kid asks Madhu to leave him..n in trying to stop the kid from running.. Madhu loses her focus n fires the shot in the air..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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