Balika Vadhu 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 4th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Anandi trying to convince Shiv that Saanchi didn’t deserve this. Shiv says no and says he mistreated Badi haveli people and says he couldn’t forget the embarrasment which he faced because of Saanchi. He says he couldn’t forget her doings. Anandi asks him to give her a chance to start life afresh. Shiv asks her to sleep.

Jagya is talking with Nandu, he hears the bangles voice and turns around to see Ganga. He holds her hand, Ganga smiles. Kakisaa comes,Jagya feels shy. Dadisaa laughs and doesn’t scold Ganga for waking everyone. She asks her to make Ginger tea and then breakfast. She asks everyone to get ready to have breakfast prepared by the new bride.

Ira offers tea to Dadaji. Dadisaa calls Ira and wishes her Happy Diwali. she greets her as well. Dadaji takes the call and wishes her Happy Diwali and prays for their family’s bonding and happiness.

Saanchi tells Anandi that she doesn’t need anything. Anandi asks her to concentrate on herself and try to be normal. Saanchi says everyone here don’t want to talk to me even on Diwali day. Nothing will be like before, everyone hates me. Anandi asks her to come along with her. Dadaji asks about Mahi, Ira says he went for practise and Shiv went for a meeting. dadaji asks for Anandi. Just then she comes with Saanchi and asks Saanchi to sit on the dining table. Anandi tells her to eat with everyone and asks her to sometimes prepare food. Everyone looks angry on her. Ira tells Anandi that she is feeling what she wants to know and says they can’t forgive Saanchi for her doings. saanchi is about to go,but Anandi stops her and says she is also a part of the family and she needs to be forgiven. she says I want to be part of Saanchi’s punishment with my consent, I will be closed in my room, not talk to anyone and….. dadaji says,we already punished you why you wants to trouble yourself. Anandi tells him to either forgive Saanchi or punish her as well so that she can support Saanchi in her punishments.

Meena tells Dadaji that she thinks that Anandi is right, and Saanchi is theirs and a part of their family. we can’t get angry on her all our life. she says we have to forgive her. . Ira forgives Saanchi and makes her eat the roti. She says sorry and hugs her. Ira tells her that she is the same Anandi for whom she always had hatred. She says she did good for you, think about your betterment and you have to thankful to her.

Anandi says she did for her family. Ira asks her to attend the counselling session. Saanchi says she is ready to go to prove herself. She says she is worried whether Shiv bhaiyya will forgive her or not. Daddu says Shiv will forgive you as he is your brother. He says tomorrow is bhai dooj. They sit for breakfast.

If the mistakes are not forgiven, he does not get a chance to rectify his mistake and he may be mislead soon by his guilt like a kite does by wind.p

. Precap:
Dadisaa tells that they didn’t celebrate the wedding of Jagya and Ganga and therefore announces the celebration. Daddu tells the family that Jagya’s family have initiated and we have to attend the celebration. He says but don’t tell anything to Saanchi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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