The Buddy Project 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 4th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 4th November 2013 Written Update

KD is teaching Shubh Maths (God, I hate this subject ) and he’s getting very impatient at Shubh’s slow speed at grasping the question. He scolds Shubh which scares him and he timidly asks KD why is he getting so mad? If he keeps doing this, no one would want to stay with him. KD is shocked at hearing this and Shubh leaves saying he’d study with their father.

KiSha respectively thinking about their fight. While KD realizes the ugliness of his words to Kiya, Kiya is thinking about what her mother and KD said about her being non serious about her career. She gets up and searches something on the net. She comes across the prospectus of California School of Music and has a determined look on her face.

ICC. Kiya is jamming with her band (ek tou ye acoustic guitar se electric guitar ki music kaise nikalti hai, I have no idea ) Hearing this, KD comes there. Kiya coldly asks KD if he has some business with them. KD replies no, he just came by and Kiya tells him to leave if he has no work, he is disturbing the rhythm. KD is a bit surprised at Kiya’s coldness but when she pointedly ignores him and continues singing, he walks away quietly.

Rukmini, RV and Piddi are sitting in the canteen. Rukmini comments it’s so nice that students can write whatever that’s going on in their minds on the Scribble Wall. Piddi jokes he’s only interested in finding out what’s in the girls’ mind rather than writing on his own. Seeing two girls talking about Ranbir Kapoor, he gets up with another one of his pervy plans in mind. Rukmini asks RV if he wants to write something as well but RV shakes his head. KD comes there and Rukmini greets him asking where is Kiya? KD replies she is busy with her practice.

RV sees a guy and girl sitting on the other table, fighting over a plate of food. RV flashbacks to a time where he was having a similar tug of war with Panchi (it was a new flashback people! Means Palak shot it recently!!! SHE’S BACK!!! ) In the FB, he keeps saying, “Moti! Mujhe khana hai!” and he’s so lost in it that he calls out, “Moti!” in present, something that is not missed by Rukmini and KD. While KD is surprised at RV’s sudden exclamation, Rukmini looks visibly hurt. To cover up the situation, RV makes up an excuse and he gets away from there.

Piddi’s Pervy Antic scene with a few girls where he is boasting of being family friends with RK and getting all the girls’ attention. Khair, it becomes yet another fail which KD enjoys watching as he’s the one who called it out. Piddi gets hyper at KD for making his plan flop and KD advices him that girls aren’t impressed by lies.

RV is sitting in the corridor, reading a book when a peon comes and informs him that he got a courier. RV is disinterested at first but when the peon says it’s from Panchi, RV immediately jumps up and demands to know where it is? Peon says it’s in the class and RV just RUNS there! KD and Piddi witness RV’s mad rush and KD motions to Piddi who intercepts RV’s desperate rush with a hug and RV is so angry at being stopped that he literally pushes away Piddi to continue towards his destination. Piddi laughs on the floor that RV became a crazy person by the mere mention of Panchi. (Aaahh!!! )

RV comes to class and sees the courier. He rips it open. Inside it, there are two pics of RaHi (FREAKIN’ ADORABLE AND UNSEEN!! Mereko chaiye!! ) He caresses Panchi’s pic and asks where has she gone? there’s a letter in it as well which says how long will RV roam around like a Devdas with teary eyes, thinking about her? RV is confused why did Panchi send her such a strange line? Just then, PraSha appear at either side of him and KD jokes will RV demonstrate his crying? They joke around with him and RV gets mad when he finds out it was just a prank from their side. KD says seriously that RV is the one who has made a joke of himself. In the last ten days, he’s been only physically present. Mentally he is elsewhere. They understand he misses Panchi but to avoid Rukmini like that? Piddi implying mumbles if Panchi means more than a friend but RV shuts him off saying it’s wrong to even think that (LE!!) RV says he agrees he is worried for Panchi and he misses her, but just as a friend. His girlfriend is Rukmini (Notice how he visibly hesitated at the word “girlfriend” )

KD turns around and exclaims, “Panchi! Tum kab ayi?!” Even Piddi is majorly delightfully surprised. But RV just shrugs and tell them to stop joking, last time they said it and he ran around the entire college like a fool. KD forcefully makes him turn around and DUN DUN DUN!! Panchi is standing there! RV is STUNNED and he just says, “Moti…” and runs towards her and hug her, like a desperate person he literally cages her in such a strong hold. Panchi is surprised at his reaction while there’s such a mixture of emotion on RV’s face. KD and Piddi make a bet when KD says now RV will cry. Panchi breaks lose of the hug and sees that yes, RV is crying a little. KD grins cuz he won the bet. Panchi asks why is RV crying? RV replies he is just so happy to see her back that he couldn’t help it and asks where had she gone? Panchi remembers her breakup confrontation with Avi and doesn’t say anything. RV says the next time she goes without saying anything, he’d seriously hit her and Panchi smiles. They hug again (*wipes away tears*) and KD says to Piddi now Panchi will also cry. Piddi goes towards them and is surprised to see that Panchi is also crying a little. He breaks off their hug and says enough with the crying, it’s no good. They also missed Panchi. Panchi asks where is everyone else and KD is reminded of the fight and Kiya’s cold reaction.

. Precap – Kiya is delighted to see Panchi and greets her. RV makes Rukmini meet Panchi and keeps it a surprise which is more like a shock to Rukmini as she sees Panchi standing there, smiling happily. Buddies are having lunch. KD offers Kiya a burger but Kiya declines saying she’s on a diet and walks away.

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