Balika Vadhu 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 28th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shekhar’s smiling at their home. Amol is playing and the ball falls from his hand. He tries to pick the call and falls in the process. Everyone rush to her. Amol starts crying and says I broke the vase. Saanchi says, it was brought by papa from ferozabad. Alok says, it is okay and we will buy another one. Saanchi offers to make chocolate milk shake for Amol. Ira asks her to bring milk shake in the lawn as she is taking Amol there. Alok goes with them. Anandi is tensed. Shiv says, he is a kid. Anandi says, there is a difference between him and other kids. She says, Amol can stand when falls down. She thinks to do something so that Amol stands on his feet. Shiv says, I will enquire about the doctor for Amol.

Ratan Singh’s parents come to meet him in the jail. Ratan Singh is shown resting in jail. He shouts at his parents. They say that they are bearing for his doings which he did at the bade haveli. His father says, people used to taunt us. He asks him not to feel egoistic. His mother says, now there is a hope to get back Mannu, our heir. They tell him that Ganga gave birth to a baby boy. Ratan Singh is aghast. His father asks him to get back Mannu. His mother says that Mannu is their step son and now they have nothing to do with Mannu. This is the right time for you to asks for Mannu. Ratan Singh says, it is time for ruining their happiness.

Alok asks Ira about Amol. Ira says he is fine. Alok says, he got worried about the broken vase. Ira seems worried and says Amol is a very good boy and I feel attached to him. But Shiv and Anandi will be having a tough time in taking care of him. Shiv and Anandi have been married for a year now. This is the time for them to enjoy their life. What will be left if they join in Amol. Alok says, they can enjoy with Amol. Ira says, Anandi supported Amol like a strong mother but what will she do when he will fall again. I am feeling scared for Anandi as she might turn into a worried mom.

Next morning, Ira gives water to Shiv. He asks about Anandi. Ira says, Anandi took Amol to a park. She says, I want to ask you something and asks him to make a promise that he will agree. Shiv is boggled. Ira asks him to stop calling her maa and asks him to call Meenu as maa. Shiv says, I thought you have forget it long ago. Ira says, Meenu is alone after Mahi left and she will be happy if you calls her maa. Meenu comes and says you will not say anything further. And Shiv will not accept your saying. Ira says, Shiv is your son. Meenu says, nothing will be changed. What matters to us Shiv calls me choti maa. I am happy to be same like before. I am also happy to be a member of the family where you cares for me. She hugs her. Shiv hugs both of his mothers.

Jagya comes to the lawyers and says I want Mannu to be known after my name. He asks for the birth certificate. Jagya says, Ganga doesn’t have it as she left home in unexpected circumstances. Lawyer says you have to adopt Mannu and for that you needs Ratan Singh’s permission. Jagya says, Ratan Singh tried to kill him and right now he is in jail. Lawyer says, there is no other way out. Lawyer tells about the rules of Law and says you have no other option than to talk to Ratan Singh.

Shiv and Anandi are sleeping. Amol starts crying at the middle of night. Anandi and Shiv wakes up and asks, why you are crying? Amol says, I will slip again. Shiv says, you are brave and brave boy doesn’t care about the petty things. He makes him understand and says one day you will stand on your feet and will walk. Then we will go on a jogging. Amol is happy now. Anandi asks him to have water and offers to sing lori for him. She sings the lori and they make Amol sleep.


Ganga prays to Devimaa for Jagya’s well being as he is going to meet the devil Ratan Singh. Jagya asks Ratan Singh to sign on the consent papers. Ratan Singh asks him to call Ganga. He says, return my Mannu else I will kidnap your son after coming out of jail. Jagya says, how dare you?

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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