Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th January 2014 Written Update

Sameer calls resort manager and asks for wood and fuel for the fireplace. He says the whole cottage has heater installed, fire place is just a showpiece. Sameer insists. Manager says he has to go downhill to the village. He gives money and asks to tell him if he needs more money. He asks him to bring a lot of fuel and wood for the whole night.

Vineet goes inside Shikha’s house via window and comes out from door. Sudha asks him how did he open the door. He says window was open, so he entered via window and opened the door. Avinash scolds him and says we should not enter anybody’s house like that. Mahi says it is dadi’s house, so nothing to worry. They enter the house. Shikha is consoling crying Manav. She sees the phone and thinks of calling her parents. She tries to switch on the phone, just then Sameer comes and snatches the phone from her. He says he has come to spend time with her, so she can’t switch on phone. She insists to call her parents. Sameer says he already called Avinash and informed him, so no need to worry. She gets happy. He romantically hugs her and says nobody should come in between them and tries to kiss her. Door bell rings, Shikha asks him to open the door. He goes.

Avinash and his family are waiting in the house for Shikha. Sudha sees sofa pillows and other items not in order. She puts them in order and wonders saying Shikha used to keep her goods in order, then why are these goods like this. Mahi says Manav is walking now, so he would have played with them. Sudha sys Sameer/Shikha’s marriage pic was on the wall and it is not there. Mahi says you must have seen it in the bedroom and to forget all this. Mahi goes inside to prepare some food for them.

Manager comes with fuel and wood. Sameer sees it and gives an evil smile. Sameer asks is it enough for whole night. Manaver says it is enough. Sameer asks manager not to disturb them till morning and closes the door.

Shikha asks Sameer why did he send the manager, she may need some items for Manav. He says he has arranged everything and not to worry. She takes the items inside. Sameer locks the door. He goes into room and starts romancing Shikha. She start making love.

Sudha is worried that Sameer/Shikha didn’t come and even didnt call them yet. Avinash tries to console her. Sudha says she wont be going to Nasik until they come. Vineet gets a note stating not to keep milk and bread as we are going out. He says it is did’s handwriting. Sudha sees it. Even Avinash sees it. They get happy and relaxed after reading the note.

Shikha comes to the room after bathing. She sees a saree on the bed. She sees a note on the saree. It reads a note by sameer that she looks very nice in all sarees, but he likes her in this saree and knows that she wanted to wear this saree on their wedding day.

Shikha wears that red saree and searches for Sameer. Sameer comes and blindfolds her from behind and takes her ouside near the bonfire. He opens a champaigne bottle and serves her. She resists to drink champagne. He says to drink it today for his sake. She accpets the glass and he gives an evil smile. He says he will not forget this day in his life. Shikha does not like champagne taste but drinks it anyhow. Sameer says cheers to all the happiness in his life because of her in between the sips. He again says cheers for giving him his most special gift, Manav. Shikha shows empty glass. He says he will fix the fire and goes.

Sameer goes near the fire. Shikha calls her and says I love you, he smiles. She tries to get up but is stumbling as she is drunk. She repeatedly says I love you, thank you for coming in mylife. She says you gave me happiness and everything. She says she is a normal girl and you would have got so many good girls, but you chose me and I am very happy. She feels her life looks like a big dream, but when she looks at Manav and Sameer it is not dream but a big reality of her life, she is so lucky. She again repeatedly says I love you many times and sleeps. Sameer says I love you too. He says you came as good luck for me and says thank you Shikha and good bye. He carries her inside the cottage and drops her on the bed. He opens petrol cans and pours it on the windows and allover. Shikha wakes up with petrol smell and sees Sameer pouring petrol allover. She gets shocked and asks him why is he pouring petrol. Sameer hits her with a wood piece on the head and she falls unconscious holding her head. She is writhing in pain subconsciously. She sees Manav. She picks a flower vase, gets up and hits Sameer on his head. He takes Manav and runs.

Precap: Shikha runs with Manav till mountain edge. Sameer is chasing her. He asks her to hold his hand.

Update Credit to: MA

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