Balika Vadhu 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rasika scolding her husband. He says, sorry. She asks did you brought my blouse. He says yes. He gives her tickets. Rasika says, lets go. Narendra asks, did you tell your boss that you are going out. She says, I myself is the boss. Saurabh talks on phone about girls. Rakhi comes. Saurabh disconnects the call. Rakhi asks, until when you are here? She says, I want everything to be happier like before. She asks him to understand and maintain the dignity of the house. Saurabh looks angrily at her. Rakhi leaves.

Sumitra is packing her stuff. Ganga comes and offers to pack her bags. Sumitra agrees. She calls Anandi. Subhadra picks the call. She disconnects the call saying wrong number. Sumitra tells Ganga that the number is wrong. She then calls on Anandi’s mobile. Anandi says, everyone is fine here. Sumitra asks her, did you Landline number changed. Anandi says no. Sumitra talks to her. She tells her that she is going to America. She tells we are going to help Badi Maasi and Kishore Bhaisa. She says, I don’t want to go. Anandi asks, when you will be back. Sumitra says, it will take some months. She wishes to meet her. Anandi asks her to take care of herself.

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Saurabh comes to his mom and asks about Saachi. She says, she is in kitchen. He goes to the kitchen. Saachi is making lassi. Saurabh comes and says mom can I get lassi. He says, you are preparing before I asked you. He gets close to her. And says you still cares for me. Saachi says, we are living her for Maa and Papa. She asks him not to forget that she is his brother’s wife. She asks him to accept it. Saurabh says, time will tell what will happen. He asks her to serve lassi. Saachi gives him lassi and goes angrily from there. He drinks it.

Subhadra praises her Achaar making to Ira. Ira smiles. She asks her to bring something. Amol is playing ball with Daddu. Daddu goes to attend the phone call. Ball falls in Subhadra’s plate. Subhadra gets angry. She picks the green chillies and tries to forcibly feed him. Amol shouts no. Anandi comes and stops her. She gets shocked.

Anandi asks, what you were doing? Subhadra says, this kid is very stubborn. Anandi takes Amol’s side and says he won’t do anything intentionally. Anandi asks her not to threaten her son. She apologizes to her. Subhadra says, you insulted me so much for this adopted son. Anandi is shocked. Subhadra goes inside crying. She complains to Daddu that Anandi insulted her. She says, I am going back. Everyone are shocked. Ira asks, what happened. Subhadra tells everything wrongly.

She says, Anandi insulted me. She lies to them. Anandi comes and is shocked to know her version. Anandi says, you would have made him eat the chilli if I didn’t come on time. Subhadra says, I am a mother. She calls Anandi as great. She folds her hands and says nothing is there in my heart. Anandi apologizes to her. She goes inside. Amol tells everyone that she was about to feed him mirchi. She threatened her before too. Daddu is shocked. He tells Anandi that they know that Subhadra is at fault. He says, why you apologized to her.

Subhadra starts breaking the utensils and throws it. She says, didn’t you mom told you that you can’t cook food in this condition. She says, I have to get this house pure.

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