Opt for your favorite character in Balika Vadhu

Anandi has always stood up for right, justice and humanity. When Sanchi accused Jagya of molestation, Anandi proved him innocent. She also made Jagya realize his love for Ganga. Later on, when Dadisaa asked her to come over to Jaitsar to support Jagya in his election campaigning, she put her foot forwards and helped Jagya. She married Shiv and never looked at her past. She moved on in life and is currently happily settled with Shiv and their adopted son Amol. Anandi now works for social causes in an NGO.

Dadisaa is one woman who has always stood for her traditions. But after Anandi came in her life, her traditions mended but Dadisaa accepted Anandi by heart. Dadisaa is the soul of the family. She made the roots of the family with good values, respect, love and care. Dadisaa supports truth even in difficult times. Dadisaa recently killed Ajay to save Phulli from getting raped by him. She got free of all charge as she took the step in defense. She is courageous and has always worked for the village. She is an inspiration to the next generations.

Jagya have evolved as a human being, seeking his guidance from Dadisaa and Anandi. He became a doctor to serve the people of his village. Though he made many mistakes in his past on the personal front, but all that’s forgiven now. Jagya married Ganga, who worked as a helper in his house. He has converted Ratan Singh’ heart and won the custody of Mannu. He is currently the MLA of the village and balances his duties of a politician and doctor well. The villagers are proud of Jagya to fight against Het Singh.

Sanchi is the ideal bahu of the modern generation. She also has some values and beliefs, and sticks to them under all circumstances. She was raped by Saurabh Kabra, but she stood high to fight against him. She got him behind the bars fighting for justice, no matter how the society treats him post the rape case. Her honesty, and good spirit won Vivek’s heart and he married her. Vivek Kabra is Saurabh’s elder brother and respects Sanchi a lot. Sanchi is living in Vivek’s family house and in Saurabh’s presence. She knows better to recover from the bad memories and move on with Vivek. Sanchi works in Anandi’s NGO and helps affected women.

Shiv’s entry in the show was that of a collector. He is much respectable, humble, down to earth, lively, and a family man. He married Anandi even after knowing she is a divorcee. Shiv made a place in Anandi’s heart with his goodness. He made Anandi work for their village and supported her always. He never stopped her to help her ex husband Jagya and his family. Shiv is the perfect husband every girl would dream to have. Seeing his sincerity and hardwork, the entire village is proud of him.

  1. this serial still exists???????????????????????????????????
    my mum used to watch this ages ago… and now she doesn’t….. whoa.. o_O

  2. This serial at least shows some values / traditions but some other Indian serials are making a mockery of good people from Rajasthan , serials like Diya aur Baati where the Matriach who everyone looks upto believes in results/ end justifies the means , touts herself as a truthful, god fearing women but look at the children she has raised the youngest son and daughter who are habitual liars and Mata jee can not see that but so tough on her Bahu’s wow Indian system !!

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