Balika Vadhu 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 27th August 2013 Written Update

Jagya asks Ganga why she is cooking for him when it’s her fast today, they could have ordered from outside. Ganga says, you should always try to cook by yourself for the guests. Jagya says, there is Anandi whom no one can beat in talking, and then there is you as well. Both glare at each other. The doorbell rings.

Jagya’s friends are at Ganga’s house. They tell Jagya that Ganga is very bright. They continue their conversation. Ganga gets surprised when Jagya’s friends say that he was doing a lot of masti in college. Then there comes topic of Gauri. Jagya says he has left his past behind. His friends then ask him why he doesn’t go for MS degree. Jagya says it’s not his age to study anymore. His friends tell Ganga that he used to be most intelligent student in their class,

but still didn’t finish MS. Ganga tells Jagya that he should finish his studies. When she can start studying at this age, then why can’t he finish his. His friends agree with Ganga. Jagya now says he will think about it.

Sanchi is crying. Ira comes there. Sanchi wipes her tears, but Ira still catches her. Sanchi then tells her that Jagya has gone to Mangalore to meet Ganga. Ira says, so that is why you broke your fast. Ira asks if Jagya had told Sanchi about this, Sanchi says no. Ira says she must talk with his family about this. But sanchi gets hyper and stops her saying it’s not Jagya’s fault. It’s ganga’s fault. Anandi hears all this. Ira asks her whether she thinks she should talk with Jagya’s family or no. read full updates with pictures only at Anandi says, Jagya just went to help Ganga. There is no relationship like what you’re thinking. Ira says, she is not a child anymore. She got a child and is very matured. Anandi continues, if there was any relationship then, jagya would have gone on 16th itself. Ira gets shocked knowing Jagya was planning to postpone his engagement to go with Ganga. She says, Jagya is either foolish or careless … and it’s very important to talk with his family now and leaves. Anandi follows her. Sanchi says, by letting mum know about Jagdish’s plan.. you helped me big time, bhabhi.

Ira is calling, but Anandi stops her as it’s Teej today. She says, it would be better to talk tomorrow. Ira puts the phone down and leaves.

Jagya gives a gift to Ganga, it’s a saree. Ganga seems very happy.

At Badi Haveli and Shiv’s house, they are doing Teej rituals. All ladies are on swings, and their husband are pushing the swings. Husbands break their wives fast by making them drink water. sumitra..
Sanchi gets angry seeing all this. She comes to her room and starts throwing stuff around and says, I HATE YOU GANGA.

Ganga comes out in the saree that Jagya gifted to her. Jagya cannot take his eyes off her. Ganga then says, she will do Teej puja preparations. Jagya still keeps looking at her as she leaves. Ganga is doing all the rituals and Jagya is watching her and smiling.

Teej Puja is happening simultaneously in all three houses.

Shiv is holding Anandi and asks the moon to come out fast. He says, my wife hasn’t ate anything since morning and I can’t take that.

Ganga is also waiting for moon to come out. Jagya says, it’s nowhere to be seen. You must be hungry, right? Ganga nods her head to say no.

Shiv asks Anandi to close her eyes. He takes out the bangles and put them in Anandi’s hands. Anandi is smiling. Shiv asks her to open her eyes now. Anandi says, they are very beautiful. Both smile at each other, and then they hug. Shiv looks up and moon has come out now. He points at it. Sanchi again comes out and watches shiv-anandi. She says, you didn’t do this right Jagdish, and runs in again.

Teej rituals continue in all three houses. Ganga is doing all rituals by herself, in Jagya’s presence. While in other two houses, husbands and wives do the rituals together. Wives take blessings from their husbands, and then the husbands are feeding their wives. Bhairo teases Sumi by pulling his hand back. Both smile at each other, and then he finally feeds her.

Shiv is feeding Anandi and Sanchi, Daddu, Ira are watching them. Ira then feeds Sanchi. Daddu says, but she didn’t complete the fast. Ira says, a mother can feed her daughter any time.. regardless of fast. Daddu is impressed.

Lastly, Ganga feeds herself and breaks her fast. Mannu smiles looking at her. Jagya feeds Mannu. Mannu then feeds Jagya as well. All three are very happy.

Voiceover: The step that you take in fury always takes you far from your goal, and all it leaves to you is regret.

Precap: Ira complains about Jagya to Sumitra on the phone, and then to Meenu. She says to Meenu, if Jagdish helps Ganga like this, then wouldn’t she feel like to have Jagdish with her her entire life. Anandi was in same situation when our Shiv met her. Anandi hears it and is shocked..

Update Credit to: Shreya

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