Anamika 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 27th August 2013 Written Update

Bebe asks Ritu if she has any proof to proove Chhavi innocent. Chhavi comes and says she has the proof. She says to Jeet that Anamika tried to kill her and that when he had come there, she did some magic on her which made her mum. She then says that Anamika is actually a 350 years old evil spirit. Ritu supports her and says that Anamika only is responsible for Rano’s death. Anamika says that who believes in such stuff these days. But Chhavi keeps on accusing her. Anamika goes and slashes her wrist to show that she has blood and so is not a spirit. Chhavi says that Anamika has taken human form to get Jeet. She challenges Anamika to accompany her to the temple. Nani defends Anamika that her blood has proven that she is innocent and Chhavi is wrong and should leave immediately. Ritu defends Chhavi and orders Anamika to do what Chhavi asked her to do. Anamika covers her head with her saree’s pallu and goes andtouches her forehead at Mata Rani’s step shocking Ritu and Chhavi. Nani looks victorious. Anamika is feeling a bit dizzy, but Chhavi asks Anamika to drink Ganga Jal, which she does again shocking everyone. Nani then shouts at Chhavi that at least now she should be convinced that Anamika is not any spirit, and now she should just leave. Anamika starts developing burns, so she starts doing drama that she thought that this family was like her own, but today she had to face so much insult in front of them. She goes to her room. Chhavi again tries to talk to Jeet, but he stops her and says that he has had enough and now she should just leave. Pratap also supports her and says that she has even corrupted Ritu’s mind. Ritu tries to defend Chhavi, but Bebe says how can we trust without any proof. Chhavi tries to say that she would have been dead had Abhay Singh’s spirit not saved her, but Pratap shuts her up and says that she sees spirits everywhere. Chhavi tries to talk to others but noone believes her. Ritu is heart broken that Salujas are mistrusting Chhavi just like they mistrusted Rano and takes Chhavi with her.

Anamika comes to her home writhing in pain. She is crying for help. She calls out to her friends and a hooded figure appears there and its Shaitaan’s messenger who has come to take her back as she had failed to find any success in her missions so far. Anamika begs him to heal her one last time and give her one last chance.

Ritu tells Chhavi that now they would never go back to that house as she does not want to lose her second daughter. But Ritu says that she has to complete Rano’s work and protect the family. She says that this time she would fight Anamika and for that she would have to meet Shalaka as only she can tell them the truth.

Shaitaan’s messenger agrees to help and heal Anamika and gives her time till the next new moon night, and if she fails in her mission, then Shaitaan would punish her like he had not punished anyone ever. Anamika agrees, and he calls out to his powers and some more women from hell appear. He then takes her hand and transfers her wounds to those women from hell who burn and disappear one by one.

The jail matron comes to Shalaka and tells her that someone is there to meet her who wants to know about Rano.

Precap: Shalka telling Chhavi about Anamika


Update Credit to: Bournville

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