Balika Vadhu 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadisaa telling Jagya that Niranjan can fill Gehna’s life with colors. Jagya says, don’t you think that it is too early to think about this. Dadisaa says no and tells that Basant wanted this to happen. A flashback is shown when Basant decides to get his wife married to Niranjan. Jagya says, I can’t believe. Dadisaa says, it is truth. She says, reality is that Gehna’s life is still long. It is difficult to live life alone. She tells about the kids who need a father. Ganga looks on. Dadisaa says, I am not afraid of society. I have gotten Anandi, Suguna and Ganga remarried. Why can’t Gehna remarry? Jagya says, I will be happy if Gehna agrees. Ganga says the same. Dadisaa says, Gehna won’t agree but we have to agree her. We have to make sure that she spends most of her time with Niranjan, then she might agree. Gehna says, you are right. Dadisaa says, we will try from tomorrow.

Shiv moves the curtain and the pipe falls on him. Anandi asks him to be careful. She says, she will fix the pipe and gets on the table. She falls on Shiv’s arms. Rajastani Song plays…………….They have a romantic eye lock. Shiv proposes his love, Anandi says I love you too and hugs him.

Dadisaa, Jagya and Ganga are leaving. Gehna asks them. Jagya says, they are going to hospital and Dadisaa is going to school for extra class. Gehna says, you didn’t tell me that you have to go early. Dadisaa says I forgot. Niranjan comes. Dadisaa takes the tiffin. Ganga tells her that they will eat in hospital’s canteen. They leaves. Gehna asks Niranjan to sit and serves the food. Niranjan looks at her. He asks how are you. Gehna says, I am fine now. Niranjan praises Jagya. Gehna asks him to have breakfast fast. Dadisaa looks at them from far. Niranjan praises the food made by her. Gehna laughs. Nandu comes and says my mom cooks tasty food. Nandu eats food from Niranjan’s plate. Gehna asks him to take separate plate. Niranjan says it is ok. I am his Guru. Nandu eats with him. Dadisaa thinks they are looking happy with each other. Nandu mingled with him with no time. She prays to Devimaa to fulfill her dream.

Dadisaa comes to school. Teacher is busy writing on board. A boy throws chalk piece on her. Teacher asks, who threw chalk on me. She warns them not to do it again. Dadisaa is busy writing. The boy again throws chalk piece on the teacher. Dadisaa calls her and tells that this boy threw chalk piece on you. She scolds the boy and asks him to go out. Class asks all the students to leave as the class ends. Dadisaa complains to teacher that the boy is very mischievous. Teacher asks, do you have proof? You can’t scold the boy. I have the right to make him understand.

Class resumes again. The boy throws the chalk piece on teacher again. Teacher warns them. The boy take out the chalk piece again and is about to throw. Dadisaa calls the teacher. The boy is caught red handed. Teacher scolds him. All the students complain to teacher that this boy did it. He says sorry and sits down. Teacher scolds the boy. She declares that Dadisaa is class monitor from now onwards. Everyone applaud for her while Dadisaa is surprised. The boy gets angry and says I will see her.

Shiv tells Daddu that he have to receive some important guest. Daddu asks who is he? Shiv says, he is not less than a foreign dignitary. A man is shown coming out of car. Shiv stands to welcome him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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