Gustakh Dil 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo and Inder coming to see the dead body. Samrat also looks on. The cloth is removed and they are shocked seeing the face. Lajjo says this is not Nikhil. Lajjo cries a lot and Inder consoles her. They go back home. Adhiraj asks Shalini to have medicines by his hand. She takes it and says you came after long time, I m on bed and can’t cook your fav food, like kheer. He says first get well. They smile. She asks him why is he worried. He says he wants to marry. She says what, this is great news. He says now I don’t want I can marry or not, as I was just Adhiraj before and now I m Vinod Ranawat’s son Adhiraj Ranawat. She says she does not understand what he means. He says my past came infront of me.

She says I love Ayesha and she is Nikhil’s sister. Shalini says what. Adhiraj says yes, Nikhil died because of dad, I went her home, Jasmine was there who was trying to kill Lajjo with a knife, I had to stop her and then tell Ayesha who is my dad. He says the truth is out now, Ayesha may or may not marry me now, her family thinks I m also responsible for Nikhil’s death. He says he wants to go far from this. She cries and says will you go away from me too. He holds her face and says no way. You are my life.

He says he can’t take her with him, as he can’t give her anything. He cries. She says I can’t come in her lap. Ranawat says Jasmine that he was sure she will come to meet him. Jasmine says she will never forgive him. He says fine, Shalini affected you. He says I love you dear, I m your dad, I always gave what you wanted. She says no, you ruined my life. She cries and says you knew I love Nikhil, and even then you got him killed. She says you have killed him, why, you have killed me too. He tries to stop her but she leaves crying. She says she will kill herself and he says no way, you can’t do this. She says she hates him and he has no right to stop her now.

Nani consoles Barkha. Barkha is sad and misses her son Akash and now Nikhil. Nani asks her to accept Lajjo, hug her regarding her a daughter, if you say sorry to her, Nikhil will be very happy. Barkha says no. Lajjo starts leaving from the hospital. She cries breaking down. A person is taken away from her side. She looks at the stretcher and runs after it. She comes in the ward and is shocked to see its Nikhil. She gets relieved and comes to him being very happy. She says Nikhil ji and touches his face. She says she is his wife. She asks him to open his eyes and see her.

He looks at her. She says I m your Lajjo. He says Lajjo. Inder and Samrat come there and smile seeing Nikhil. Lajjo smiles and hugs Nikhil. Samrat and Inder hug happily. She asks Nikhil to talk to her. Nikhil says dad. The nurse says the villagers got him here, there is nothing to worry. Lajjo says I knew this you will come back. The nurse says she will call doctor and leaves. Inder holds Nikhil’s hand and smiles. Lajjo caresses Nikhil.

Barkha waits at home for Lajjo and Inder. She says why are they not taking my call. Everyone is tensed and wait. Inder comes home. They ask where is Lajjo. Inder is quiet and turns. Lajjo comes after him. Barkha asks her what happened there, where is Nikhil. Everyone looks on. Lajjo brings in Nikhil with her and everyone get really happy seeing him alive and fine. Barkha is stunned and can’t believe he is back. Lajjo smiles. They rush to Nikhil to welcome him. Everyone get a smile on their faces. Barkha hugs Nijhil with love and he is touched. Nikhil says mom and holds her with equal love and respect. Lajjo hugs her dad and smiles seeing Barkha and Nikhil’s bonding after many years. Everyone smile seeing them.

Jasmine looks at Nikhil’s pic and cries. She lights many diyas keeping it aligned in Nikhil’s name and thinks about him. She hugs his pic and cries. She lies near the flames. Harry comes and asks whats all this. He sees Nikhil’s name made by the diyas. He asks Jasmine is she crying, whats this drama, get up. She says its true. He says whats all this, Nikhil’s pics and diyas, whats this madness, he did not die, he is alive. Jasmine is shocked.

He asks him is he really alive, He says yes. He says we got to know by our special sources that Nikhil is alive. Jasmine gets really happy. She asks where is he. He says at his home. Harry sees Jasmine in much love with Nikhil and thinks what if he really dies tomorrow. Lajjo thanks the Lord. Barkha comes to her and apologizes to her for treating her so bad, she always misunderstood her. Lajjo holds her hand and cries. She says you and Inder are my parents, don’t apologize to me. Barkha says don’t know what I was doing, I lost a son before and was sad thinking I am losing Nikhil. She regrets for her doings and says for us Nikhil was dead, only you had the hope.

Barkha hugs Lajjo accepting her by heart. Lajjo smiles. Everyone talk to Nikhil and ask how did this happen. Nikhil tells them how he fell off the cliff and he got into river, he reached a village and few people took me to hospital, and I m back home. They are happy. Nani says Laajjo did nott leave hope that he will be back, she was sure he won’t leave her. Inder says yes, her trust on you is great. Inder jokes on Nani calling her an oldie and Nani reacts. Everyone laugh.

Lajjo takes care of Nikhil. She asks is he fine, can she see his wound. He shows the wounds. He hugs her. She says she was afraid thinking she will lose him, as everyone was saying he won’t come back, but her belief was strong and she told everyone that he will come back. He says he was not afraid to die. He says he was afraid that he won’t be able to see her again. She says I can’t live without you. He says yes, my life is incomplete without you, whatever I m is because of you. He says you saved me always and found me in hospital too. She laughs. He holds her face. Jabse tere sapnon ne mere nainon ko chua hai…………….Mann Baawra………… plays. Lajjo hugs and kisses him.

Jasmine comes in Nikhil’s birthday when the Nikhil and Lajjo are celebrating with the family. She says Nikhil and hugs him, shocking everone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So glad, they did not drag Nikhil’s disappearance forever and did not start a stupid love track with Sagar.

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