Balika Vadhu 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli seeing the goons’ jeeb and shows to Disa. They get shocked. Nimboli asks Disa, whether Kamli and Gopal will be caught. Disa says no. She says we will pray for them in Devi’s mandir. She folds hand and prays. Nimboli puts her hand outside. Disa scolds her and asks her to take hand back. Nimboli says she is playing with air. Anandi and Shivam are coming in their car. Anandi looks at Shivam in the car and waves him hi. Shivam doesn’t respond, so Nimboli teases him. Shivam too teases her. Anandi asks what are you doing? Shivam says he was teasing a girl sitting in the bus. Kamli and Gopal are coming to the temple on bike.

Akhiraj calls the goon and asks them to reach at Maa’s mandir as Kamli and Gopal are coming there. Kamli and Gopal take God’s blessings. Anandi and Shivam are seen there, and praying. Shivam tells Anandi that they shall go to mela. Anandi agrees. Kamli asks Gopal to take her to mela. He agrees and they leave. Nimboli and Disa come to the temple, but they miss seeing Disa and Nimboli. Disa and Nimboli greet Pandit ji. Disa says she brought the puja things on Akhiraj’s behalf. Nimboli asks when you will do the puja. Pandit ji says it will take time and asks her to see the mela till then. Nimboli gets excited and tells Disa. She agrees.

Ganga asks Ratan Singh’s mum to sit and informs that they have performed the test. She says we will let you know about the test results. Ratan Singh’s mum nods. Ganga thinks she shall inform Jagya about Ratan Singh. She goes to Jagya, but he goes to meeting. Ganga thinks to inform him once he comes back.

Disa and Nimboli come to the mela. Nimboli insists to sit in the swing. Disa asks her to sit later. They hear Kamli shouting and Gopal at her side. Nimboli smiles and shouts Kamli jiji. Kamli and Gopal see her and get tensed. Kamli says bapusaa might be here. Gopal says what to do? Kamli gets scared. Nimboli calls for her. Kamli is scared and says we are trapped now. They get down. Nimboli hugs them. Disa looks at them. Kamli and Gopal take their blessings. Disa blesses them. Kamli asks about Akhiraj. Disa says only we have come here. Nimboli told me everything. Kamli cries and hugs her. She says I didn’t want to run like this. I don’t have any other option left. Disa says I know, and asks her to look forward. She asks her to happy. She asks did you get married? Kamli nods no. Disa asks them to marry soon and blesses them. Kamli gets happy and cries.

Nimboli holds her hand and says lets enjoy the mela. Disa asks them to enjoy freely. Gopal says he can’t refuse Nimboli. Anandi is seeing the clay toys and looks for Shivam. Nimboli tells Kamli to sit on the swing. Kamli says wait. Nimboli sees Shivam standing and moving towards the swing. She gets shocked and runs to save him. They both fall down. Anandi comes there looking for Shivam. Disa asks Nimboli, are you fine? Anandi sees Shivam. She then sees Nimboli and smiles. She hugs her. Everyone look at them. Akhiraj is seen on the way.

Kamli, Gopal, Disa and Nimboli are doing puja with others. Gopal sees the goons and gets caught. He beats them and shouts at Kamli to run. He holds Kamli’s hand and turns to run, just then sees Akhiraj standing infront of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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