Tere Sheher Mein 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kaushalya and Rudra having a talk about Hari. Rudra says he is strange and did not ask us to meet him. She says he loves you a lot and makes him realize. She says Sneha is coming with us, we have to take her in morning. Rudra thinks Hari was keeping their home mortgaged, what does he love him. Its morning, Rudra comes to take Sneha. Amaya brings her bag and says she is coming along Sneha to take care of her and meet Hari. Sneha says no, be here else who will see Rachita and Jaz, what about her studies. Amaya says your medicines. Sneha says I will take myself and takes it from her. She leaves with Rudra.

Rama’s dad scolds him. His mum asks him to get angry for attending the marriage in Dubey’s family. Rama says he will sit at shop and not come along. His dad asks him to be here and gets glad. She asks him to talk to Rama well, the girl is also coming there and Rama can meet him, and proposal can be fixed. He asks Rama to get ready and go. Rama thinks if Rachita comes after I leave then… Amaya tells Rachita that Sneha called, she said she reached the station and train is on time. She asks about Jaz. Rachita says she was here, maybe upstairs. Amaya says she was looking upset, lets talk to her.

They decide to go in reception. Jaz says she will get ready and go to teach Chiklu, and asks Amaya to pick her up from Mantu’s home on time. Rachita says Amaya takes lots of time to get ready. Amaya says she takes an hour and laughs. Mantu repairs Barfi’s sewing machine. Barfi says some shayari. Uma comes and gives Mantu the special kheer and asks Mantu to give some to Barfi too. She says she has to go in wedding reception of her friend. She says she wants him and Chiklu to come. Mantu says I can’t come and Chiklu has exams. Uma requests him.

She says Barfi ruined her dress. She starts arguing and asks him not to give that dress to anyone, then she will break that girl’s legs. She fumes. Mantu says fine, relax, I will not give it to anyone. She leaves. Amaya, Rachita get ready in Indian wear. Rachita recalls her engagement and cries. Amaya comes and sees her. She says she is looking very pretty and asks her not to cry.

Amaya says everyone will see her today and maybe she finds some cute guy today. Rachita laughs and compliments her, the dress is suiting her she should wear Indian dresses. Amaya says I have just one dress, we have to pick Jaz now, do the touch up soon. Pushpa gets ready and asks Gajanand to get ready, she will see Dimple and Neeti. He compliments her and she laughs. Pushpa asks Dimple about Neeti. She asks did Dinesh say anything, why is she worried. Dimple says he has work, I don’t feel bad of his words, I m worried for some other reason. She says what if Sneha and his daughters come there, what will we answer them.

Gajanand asks what. Neeti comes and he smiles saying she is his grand daughter. Pushpa says Dimple was saying what will we say if proposals come for Neeti. He says we will see after her studies. Amaya and Rahcita are on their way. Gajanand passes by them in his car and does not see them. Amaya tells the driver he should not take auto mid way, it blocks other’s way. Rachita sees Rama’s shop closed and says why is this closed at this time. Amaya asks did she talk. Rachita says no, we are not talking. Amaya says he is nice guy, he helped. Rachita asks did Mantu call. Amaya says no. Rachita asks her not to be angry. Amaya says why will I. Rachita asks her to be calm in Mantu’s home. Amaya says I did not remember we are going there to pick Jaz. Rachita asks her to be calm.

Jaz teaches Chiklu and he says he will do exam well and make his teacher faint by shock of his good marks. Amaya calls her and Jaz says give me 10mins more. Amaya says we are reaching. Jaz asks her to come inside and wait. Amaya says no, you come out, I don’t like to meet Mantu. Jaz says he is not at home. Amaya says fine, I will come. Amaya tells Rachita that Mantu is not at home and gets down the auto. Her dress gets torn. Rachita asks what did she do and can’t she get down well. Amaya says its because of this stupid rickshaw, I will go back. The driver says you blame the auto and leaves.

Rachita says we will go home. Amaya says bye. Chiklu stops her and gives her Uma’s dress.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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