Balika Vadhu 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 25th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli and shiv’s house in jaitsar
Anandi is setting up the bed, with renewed vigour, in anticipation for the romantic evening to follow. She looks on longingly at the clothes lying, and remembers her confession of love to shiv. She takes out shiv’s pillow and sheets, which he used to take to sleep on the couch, and puts thm on the bed. She takes out the nightie that has been given to her by shiv’s friend, and draping it on herself, in front of the mirror, closes her eyes, in anxiety. Finding shiv, having entered the room, and watching her, she takes it behind her, and lowers her head in shyness. Shiv comes upto her, and she looks upto him in shyness. she is about to go, but shiv stops her by holding her hand, and clutches her close to him. The nightie falls from her hand on the floor. He roams his hands, on her shoulders and cupping her face in his arms, he kisses her, while she too repsonds back lovingly, hugging him tight in a bodily embrace.

To break the moment, anandi gets dadisa’s call, who asks her if she hadnt slept yet. Ananadi asks if everything’s okay as she called up so late. She says that its jagiya, and then goes on to tell her everything. Dadisa talks to anandi, saying that they tried everything to convince jagiya, but he is adamant not to budge. anandi tells her that its not that easy, and reminds her of her own case, as to how she had also fliched when they first mentioned remarriage to her. Dadisa tries to explain to her, that she cant bear to see jagiya alone for his entire life, and livingt his mundane life, without a family, nor kids, nor a wife to come home to. She cancels the call.

After receiving the call, Shiv asks if jagiya has said no. Anandi tells shiv that dadisa has completely broken down, after jagiya refused point blank, to discuss this ever again, and that she has never seen dadisa like this. shiv blames himself for even giving this suggestion. anandi asks him not to think like that, as his descision is very beneficial and much liked be everyone, and even her too. anandi tells shiv that jagiya had always been egoist and very arrogant and that once he decides, its next to impossible to get him to change his descision. Shiv says that the only person who can change his mind is anandi herself, as he doesnt listen to anyone else. He asks her not to think about shiv, as jagiya is just like any other member of the singh familym and he doesnt have a problem if she thinks about jagiya’s problem. Ananadi asks how can he be so generous. He says that he just thinks of what makes her happy. She hugs him, while thinking even if she would be able to talk to jagiya regarding this.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
On the terrace, jagiya asks her what is it. She says that its the same that bhairo talked about. He says that now they have sent her, when he refused to talk to them. She says that shiv has sent her here, as he and she feels that he should remmary and listento his family. He says that he is very stagnant, and at peace, and is happy, and doesnt feel the need to form a new relation for the same. He says that she knows it the best, that for him, marriage and happiness, are not together. Pointing to a kite flying in the sky, he says that akite once broken off its thread, has to fall on the ground, as it cant fly again. she says that the sme kite can soar again, high in the sky, if tied again to the thread.

Jagiya says that she knows it the best, that he cant be a good husband, then why should he spoil someone else’s life. She says that its not like that. He asks her to take her own example. He says that she might have been unhappy with him, but they had good moments too. She says that the jagiya that they see now is a changed man, who keeps others’ interest over him own now. He says that he doesnt want to risk that now. She asks him to identify himself, as a good husband. He says that she’s placing more trust than he deserves, and he cant be a good life partner. Ananadi advises that why cant he if he has realised his mistake, then he too has a right on happiness, and to settle down with someone and have his share of marital happiness. jagiya responds back saying that he doesnt need to marry, to be happy, and can be happy even if he’s alone. Anandi says that now she understands why dadisa emphasised so much on her rem,arrying, when she herself thought that she can live happily alone, as she saw the future, wherein she may have gotten married just out of her mother’s last wish, but due to dadisa’s efforts, she got a husband who loves her so much, and then hesitating for a moment, adds that she loves him very much too. Jagiya is emotional hearing that, but he maintains a stoical face. The screen freezes on anandi’s face.

Underlying message: Maybe, present always tries to escape the past, but the mistakes of the past, always have their aftermath effects in the present, which gives way to an unknown fear, regarding any possibility about a new beginning in the future.

Precap: Anandi tries to change jagiya’s mind, saying that he should forget the sad memories of the past, and move on in life, by remarrying, not just for himself but for the sake of his family’s happiness too. He stops her in between and says that he cant forget those memories, and asks her not to call them bad ones, as she is in them. Anandi is surprised to hear this. They are at a confrontational facing moment.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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