Balika Vadhu 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 25th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Jagya coming home after filing the nomination. He says, everything is done. Ganga says, he is ready to fight the election. Dadisaa asks about Bhairov. Jagya says, he went to godown. Sumitra is happy. Ganga says, Het Singh tried a lot but Jagya gave a good reply. Sumitra gets tensed. Dadisaa says, he can’t do anything. Jagya says, he was surprised to see me there. He tells everything in flashback. Sumitra gets worried for Jagya’s safety. Dadisaa asks her not to worry. Dadisaa says, he was shaken to see Jagya.

Sumitra says, Het Singh is dangerous. She asks Jagya to rethink his decision. Jagya says, nothing can happen to me. He has 3 Devis in his life. Dadisaa, his mom and his wife. He says, I am not scared of anyone. Dadisaa says, Devimaa’s blessings is with


Dadisaa calls Anandi and blesses her. She informs him about Jagya standing in the elections. Anandi says, I didn’t know he was interested in politics. Dadisaa says, we forced him to take up the challenge. She says, if you was here, then you would have become the politician. She invites Anandi to campaign for Jagya. Anandi says, I will talk to Shiv and inform you. She calls Shiv. She tells Shiv about Jagya filing the nomination and says Dadisaa wants her to campaign for him. Shiv asks her to go as it is a good cause. Shiv says, I will come and salute Jagya when he wins the elections.

Het Singh’s son tells him that they need to be careful with Jagya. Het Singh says, we should know how to use our contacts. He says, Jagya don’t know anything. He says, he can’t stand infront of me. His son gets scared and says villagers listen to him. Het Singh says, he can’t win. He says, I can use outer power. He says, I will win this seat anyhow.

Ganga heats the oil in the kitchen. Dadisaa praises her. She says, I feel relieved when your pain goes after massage. Dadisaa asks her to support and take care of Jagya. Ganga smiles. Ganga says, I will take time for hospital too. Dadisaa asks, how? Ganga says, we have to take care of hospital. Dadisaa says, you are right.

Ganga asks Jagya, from where he is starting the campaign. Jagya says, he is thinking. Ganga suggests him to start with school and temple. Dadisaa comes and sees the poster. Dadisaa comes and suggests them to campaign in the Ram Leela land. Jagya says, it is good if the rally happens in the evening. Dadisaa calls Roshan Lal and asks him to make the arrangements. Sumitra and Gehna ask Nandu and his friends to have food. Het Singh comes and says no one can stop me from winning. He looks at the campaigning posters. Dadisaa faces Het Singh with confidence.

She asks, why did you come? Jagya asks him to leave. Het Singh says, I came here to give suggestion. He asks Jagya not to enter Politics and says it is not your cup of tea. He asks him to take his name back. He tells Dadisaa that their hard work will go waste. He asks Jagya to stay at home. Dadisaa suggests Het Singh to resign from politics. Het Singh gets shocked. He laughs. He says, I won’t bear the third person between me and Politics.

Shiv is in the hospital. One lady tells him about her lost bag. Shiv gets the bag and sees Daddu’s photo in her bag. He informs Daddu. Daddu says, I am reaching there.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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