Qubool Hai 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 25th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Ahil is walking on the road, trying to hitchhike but in vain. he starts getting irritated, as his battery of the phone dies too. He spews venom against the girl behind this, Sanam. He eyes a truck and decides to stoop down to this only. He stands in the middle of the road, trying to stop it. finally, it stops and he tauntingly tells that he wants to be left in the city where everything isnt so slow. the driver decides to give him a ride. Ahil is visibly uncomfortable with the seat, while the driver continues to rant philosophical, getting him frustrated all the m,ore. as the driver brings up the topic of ahil’s car, he gets into a rage with remembrance of Sanam burning his car. He is disgusted and asks the driver to shut up. After some time, the truck stops due to a jam. the driver gets hungry and assk for a snack from a child vendor. But he refuses to give it. the child continues to rant, but he drives off. Ahil gets into a rage, and asks him to stop the car. the driver refuses, but he stubbornly stops the car applying the brakes himself. finally, the truck collides into a tree, and the driver is concerned for his truck. He asks ahil to come out and asks what has he done. Ahil says that it was his truck, and not anymore. He asks for the driver’s phone. resignedly he gives it. he calls up his accountant and asks him to transfer 10 lakhs in the driver’s account and gets the driver to also see the confirmation mesaage, seeing which the driver is shocked, and ahil taunts him about his so called love for his car, emphasising that nothing is more important that the money. Ahil leaves. He goes to the child vendor, and asks him how much does the entire stuff cost, and then paying it, also allows him to keep his grams to sell. the child is happy and leaves from there, while ahil is happy.

The next morning, ahil meets rehaan, who assk about his car. rehaan is shocked but asks what would they do of the truck. Ahil finds some villagers, and approaches them saying that they shouldnt park their truck midway and then tells them that he is offering them the truck. he leaves, while the walking peasants are shocked. rehaan watches amusingly.

Scene 2:
Location: Sanam’s residence
In her room, sanam remembers her fond memries with her dhaba and gets emotional, and then gets into a rage, thinking about ahil’s rowdy behaviour. haya finds her like this and is tearful herself. anwar is very angry at the person who did this, while dilshad who is distraught, is composed by Anwar’s mother. dilshad comes and hugs sanam, who’s turned to stone with anger at ahil. dilshad says that whoever burned this dhaba, must have been so heartless. sanam is distraught. dilshad tells them that this dhaba wasnt just a money earner but it was her life, and goes onto recount sanam’s affection. dilshad says that she was wrong in telling sanam not to prejudge people. dilshad says that the person who broke sanam’s heart would have to pay for it. Anwar’s mother says that they can postpone the date to two months rather than two days. haya and dilshad are tensed. dilshad is shocked but says that she knows that there has been a great wound, but the sooner it changes to pleasure, they would be able to recoil easily. She pleads them not to postpone the date. anwar agrees to comply to dilshad’s wish. sanam is speechless as she stands in a corner. They are about to leave, when sanam asks if she can talk to anwar in private. Sanam takes anwar aside, and she tells him that she wants some help from him, in securing a loan. Anwar says that they shall talk later. Sanam says that it would be too late. Sanam says that her dream and effort may have burned, but she hasnt lost hope and she would rebuilt it, and she has the responsibilities of this house and the family, and pleads him to help. Anwar is silent, while she is tensed.

Later, in the night, Sanam is checking accounts and calculating the money, while dilshad gets frustrated with Sanam’s obsession. Sanam says that her last savings got the furniture last time and that nothing is left now. she starts crying. dilshad asks her not to cry and says that they may have stumbled but they wont fall. sanam says that she wont let that happen, but says that she’s wondering how that would happen. dilshad says that everything would be okay after her marriage with Anwar, and places a face pack on her face and asks her to keep smiling. Dilshad says that she thinks that now she can see her laugh but how would that happen after marriage and that she would remember her badly, every memory attached to her and this house. She gets emotional, causing sanam to cry too.

the next morning, all are celebrating in sanam’s residence, as mrriage festivities start. Anwar’s mother presents a beautiful necklace to Sanam, saying that she has given everything to her, as all thats hers belongs to sanam now and the vice versa. Dilshad blesses sanam. the servant too dances and says that Sanam’s hands are now basking in the glory of her husband’s name. the ladies ask her to show it. She identifies and shows an A standing for Anwar, but then she is disgustingly reminded, of Ahil Raza Abraham’s name too starting with the same alphabet. Dilshad says that sanam’s hands are smeared by the name of the person, who is the love of her life, Anwar. sanam gets shy.

The next morning, Anwar says that they have talked to the bank, for the loan but they would have to keep something in lieu of getting that loan, as a guarantee. sanam, haya and dilshad are shocked. sanam says that they can give the Dhaba land. anwar says that they can keep the land but if there’s anything else too to get the requisite loan. Anwar says that something would come up, and leaves to get the papers. dilshad thanks him profusely for his help, while he says that its not too much to bother. dilshad thanks the lord to get such a husband like Anwar for sanam, and she doesnt feel that she is losing a daughter, but rather she is gaining a son. the screen freezes on sanam’s shy face.

Precap: The marriage commences and the priest asks for sanam’s consent for the marriage and she agrees. He then moves onto ask anwar. when anwar denies giving consent to the marriage, all are shocked, including Dilshad, haya and sanam. He gets up and leaves. Sanam is thoroughly shocked..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Anwar are u mad?

  2. I already knew something would happen in the marriage ‘coz aahil and sanam are paired for each other

  3. I’m glad I don’t like Anwar he looks mean

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