Balika Vadhu 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli telling Anandi that the dresses are nice, but she can’t wear such clothes. Anandi gets sad and gets teary eyes. Dadisaa asks her to have patience and says everything is fine. Disa says Nimboli is very stubborn, I know her since childhood. Anandi goes. Dadisaa says Nimboli is like her mum, and says you don’t know our Anandi. Once she decides anything, don’t keep quiet until she does it. Harki comes to meet Kundan in the juvenile home and asks what you have done. Kundan tells that there are enemies here and says he can’t keep control on his anger. Harki asks him to control his anger. Kundan says he is Akhiraj’s son and will not keep quiet. Harki thinks how to make him understand.

Disa asks Nimboli that she should have refused to wear frock directly. Nimboli says she would have felt bad and that’s why I told her politely. Disa thinks she cares for Anandi very much and asks her not to change. Kamli comes on the terrace and finds the rope empty. She thinks Urmila might have taken her clothes and goes to ask. Urmila tells that she didn’t bring her clothes from terrace. Kamli wonders where did it go? Urmila says may be Maasa. Kamli looks on.

Harki is crying in her room and recalls Kundan getting angry in juvenile home. She recalls Kundan saying that he is Akhiraj’s son. Kamli comes and asks her about her clothes. Harki scolds her and asks her to go, saying she is worried about her son and husband. She comes to her room and finds Pushkar folding her clothes. She gets touched by his gesture. Pushkar asks are you angry on me. Kamli says no and kisses on his hand. Pushkar holds her hand and says you are really good. He says I will fold all your clothes. Kamli says I will help you and we will fold together. She smiles looking at him and thinks God has done favor on her.

Anandi cries and tells Dadisaa that if Nimboli will ever accept her as her mum. She asks will I get my daughter? Disa comes there to return the clothes and says Nimboli is like this only. Anandi says I can understand as she stayed in a different environment. Dadisaa asks her not to worry. Jagya comes and says Akhiraj’s case hearing will start from tomorrow. Dadisaa thanks Devimaa. Disa is happy too. Jagya asks Disa to give testimony in court against Akhiraj. Disa says she can’t go to court leaving Nimboli here. Dadisaa says we all are there for her. Disa thinks I don’t want you all to take care of her. She goes.

Harki asks Chagani to bring cold water for her and rotates hand fan. When Chagani don’t come, she calls Urmila asking her to bring water. Kamli brings water. Harki asks her to give water. Kamli says it is for Urmila and asks her to drink it herself. Harki gets angry as Kamli replies to her. She thinks she has given birth to a bad child and it is her punishment.

Disa comes to her room and sees Nimboli wearing long frock covering her legs. Nimboli tells she has work long frock and her legs are not visible. She is happy. Disa gets angry on her and asks why she made her hairs. Nimboli says she is looking good in new hairdo and frock. Disa says I will cut your hairs, and you are not looking good in this frock. She says I will cut your hairs and is about to cut with scissor. Anandi comes and stops Disa. Nimboli runs to her and asks if she is not looking good. Anandi says you are looking good and asks her to call her Maa as I am your real mum. Disa is shocked.

Nimboli asks really? She says you are really good. Anandi says a mum is always good and calls her Nandini…….She says your real name is Nandini. Nimboli gets teary eyes and says Nandini. Disa gets shocked and says Anandi is lying. She hugs her forcibly and says you are my daughter Nimboli. Nimboli says you lied to me, and is not my mum, but Disa. She hugs Anandi and calls her Maa. Nimboli hugs Anandi shocking Disa. Disa wakes up and it turns out to be her dream. Disa thinks my dream will turn out to be real soon. She decides to do something and wipes her tears.

Anandi gives phone to Disa asking her to call whenever needed. Nimboli throws phone accidently. Disa scolds her. Nimboli says Anandi will not scold her. Disa angrily breaks the phone and says she will break her trust and will see Anandi scold Nimboli.

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