Qubool Hai 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Azad is driving. Mahira looks up and sees they are in the market area. She thinks here Afreen wont be able to do anything here. Mahira asks Azad to stop the car. He is confused. Afreen (who has taken the form of Azad) smirks that Mahira figured out that its me and not Azad. Mahira insists Azad to stop the car. Azad stops the car. Mahira gets out of the car and Afreen (as Azad) calls cops. Mahira asks whom is he calling. Afreen says you thought you could fool me. She drags Mahira away but Mahira wrests free and throws sand in Afreen’s eyes and runs away. Mahira asks for help from all present. Afreen (as Azad) forces Mahira to come with him. Mahira throws vegetables at him. A lady present asks Mahira the matter. She says this man is harassing me. Azad asks the lady not to interfere between a hubby-wife. He says Mahira is mentally sick. She gets fits. Mahira refutes his story. The other ladies say he is your hubby. Mahira says he is not my hubby, thing is he knows magic. He is a WITCH. Other ladies are confused. Mahira says ask him to show his hand, he has a ring with which he does magic. One of his hand is blue. Show your hand. Afreen asks Mahira not to create a scene. Mahira accuses him of lying and asks to show the hand. Afreen (as Azad) shows the left hand which is blue and has a ring. All are shocked. Mahira says see told you its a WITCH. Afreen (as Azad) asks if Mahira wants to make a joke out of him. Azad says Mahira hit me so much on the hand that it has turned blue. Mahira fumes on him for lying and says no one believes you.The other ladies try to convince Mahira to go with her hubby as fights are part of hubby-wife lives. Mahira tries to make them listen to her but they dont. Afreen tries to pull Mahira away but Mahira points a knife at her. The other men taunt that in todays times, wife has turned enemy of her own hubby. Mahira screams saying he is not my hubby. Cops come and arrest Mahira. Afreen smiles. Cops fume on Mahira and say they are arresting her for threatening her own hubby. Mahira explains that he is not a man, he is a WITCH. The cops threaten to throw her in an asylum. Afreen mocks at Mahira from afar and says Azad will come close to me tonight, so close that he will be one with me. Tonight at 9pm your husband will me mine. She winks at Mahira.

Mahira is in the police jeep and tries to explain to the cops but they quieten her. She thinks that in her absence Afreen will surely do something with Azad. Need to get out of here soon but how.

Later in the night, auction is underway and Sanam-2 tries to influence buyers but it all falls flat. She keeps an eye for finding the ones who adopted the boy. She spots someone sitting there wearing gloves. She thinks that maybe its the same boy. She goes up to the boy and fakes needing help with her purse. The boy agrees. He tries to open it wearing his gloves but Sanam-2 suggest to try without wearing gloves. He agrees and does so. Sanam-2 spots nothing special in his hands and sulks.

Azad is trying to reach Mahira but her phone is switched off. Right then Afreen comes and gives Mahiras moby to Azad. He asks about Mahira and Afreen closes in on him and says everytime i touch you my heartbeat starts racing. Dont you feel anything. He fumes on her and asks about Mahira. Afreen hugs him and says else what will you do, kill me. Well i am dead already. I know how to kill & not get killed. She changes her form to Mahira and says you love this face. Well i am Mahira now, love me. Azad is quiet. Afreen says you only want Mahira. Well go ahead. She then smiles and turns back to Afreen and says lets not waste time in talking. Mahira isnt here and she wont be here to stop you or me. Be mine. Azad pushes Afreen away and asks what did you do to Mahira. Afreen says i will answer all your questions, just hug me first and if you dont, then you will never find out where is Mahira. She narrates the whole market-place incident and how she got Mahira arrested. Azad fumes on her and slaps her. He walks off. Afreen is holding a piece of Azad’s hair. She swears not to spare Azad- Mahira.

Azad is walking out of the mansion when Afreen spots him and chants some magic and he feels dizzy and passes out. Afreen says now you are under my control Azad, no one can stop you from being mine. Azad walks back to Afreen.

At the traffic signal, the police jeep comes to a halt and Mahira manages to open her handcuffs and manages to run away. At the auction, as the bidding starts, Sanam-2 participates as well. Sanam-2 is winning the bid just then a boy says 20 lacs. Its the boy with 7 fingers that Sanam-2 was looking for. Sanam-2 smirks that for Khan Begum no work is impossible. I found you.

At the mansion, Azad is under Afreens trance and walks upto her. Afreen says they will become one tonight. I will give you all the happiness in the world. She leads Azad into the bedroom but he pulls her back. He is about to kiss her but Afreen stops him and says every work has a place, lets go to the bedroom. Azad says first you gotta do something for me. Afreen asks what. Azad says cook for me and then feed me. Afreen agrees. She kisses him on the cheek.

Sanam-2 is rushing to meet the boy with 7 fingers when an old friend stops her in the way but she says in a rush, talk later. By the time Sanam-2 goes up to the boy he is missing. She looks around for him but the auctioneer says the boy send this necklace as gift to you. Sanam-2 thanks her. She reads the note with the necklace which reads that world knows a womans love for diamonds, but i dun like to lose. Dun like see you sad so this gift may brighten your mood. Its signed A. Sanam-2 is emotional and breaks down. She says .. MY SON!!

Precap: Afreen and Azad are getting closer in kitchen. Mahira sees them. Afreen notices and hugs Azad.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

  1. Who is the man ?

  2. Is there no other guy in the world that these devils can fall in love with like
    Tanveer falls in love with Azad
    new sanam/khan begum with aahil
    and now this afreen with azaad
    Hate love triangles in the show

    1. Tanveer with Asad, not Azad

  3. Pls don’t separate AZMA when the new male lead comes!!instead make a new actress who comes in QH who will be mahira’s younger sis,Muskan .and make kainat married with sahil

  4. Maybe she drug him or he thinks it mahira in his mind

  5. Who is this new man who khan begum saw.precap was light exicted

    1. He is avinash the new actor of this show. 🙂

  6. Yes, what i was think that’s true. 7finger boy(avinash) is kb-saif’s son.

  7. Yes, what i was think that’s true. 7finger boy(avinash) is kb-saif’s son. Avinash entry nice

  8. no matter thousands new comers, as long as Azad stay till the end of season 4 because too much suspens kill me .thanks

  9. I am excited to watch Monday episode

  10. amad and anand kumar are missing for along time but no one I mean mahira or azad seems to have bothered with it.

  11. So Saif and sanam the witch’s child is this seven fingered boy hehe only God knows what is gonna happen with this new 7 finger boy’s entry

    1. Nothing will happen. It will be a love triangle. This seven finger boy is avinash n he’ll fall in love with mahira! 🙂

  12. Yes! My guess was correct. The seven finger boy is avinash. Now waiting for Monday episode ! Now azad n mahira will trap afreen n will kill her! 🙂 just waiting for it ! 🙂

    1. ok Shumi, thanks and have a nice wiken

  13. AZAAD AND MAHIRA I AM LOVE YOU SO MUCH ????????????????

  14. AZAAD AND MAHIRA I AM LOVE YOU SO MUCH ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  15. Loving the current track???but the sad news is that I just read somewhere that azad is going to die when afreen does something with the car and it crashes with khan begum’s son and he is in the hospital and then begum will bring her son to her house and her son will fall for mahira and then they both will love each other etc ahh I don’t want azad to die?????but still love qubool hai ????

    1. What did you say demi, azad will die. Oh i can’t believe that. I love azad. I don’t see another lead charactor’s death in qh.

    2. Kavi yes it’s true that Azad will met an accident n he’ll die! N his heart will be transplanted to Amaar (avinash) !! So it was not a rumor that rajbeer is quitting the show. It’s true he’s quitting! I swear if this news is true or Gul Khan gonna do something like that then I swear I m not gonna watch this season also! 🙁 :'(

    3. Oh no, my heart was broken to hear this bitten news. My eyes are full with tears. And tanq shumi 4 share this news to me.

    4. Iam so sad , I will also stop watching that serial, Azad was the sun of my evenings; my heart is broken again, bye friends of qh, take care

    5. It’s ok kavi. Now after that episode I m not gonna watch anymore QH. Will you watch the show anymore ?

    6. Yes shumi and mile i’m also didn’t watch the show after azad death.Bcoz after few month later they also killed mahira and armaan pair.But i love surbhi,rajbeer and also avinaash acting.

  16. Avinash in the movie is called Armaan khan

  17. If azad dead na how khan begum get her powers …. As usual started nicely but now go to hell directors don kill azad

  18. I don’t want Azad to die.can’t handle it.will not watch the show.save both characters pls.And then add another woman as Armaans wife.PLS qh don’t kill Azad.First of all it has not even been 5 months since this season started and u already killed amaad pls don’t kill azad.Make amaan a parallel lead like u did with rehan.Or somewhere make a twist where Asa’s will live.But pls don’t kill azad.We ? AZMA

  19. What is the suspense behind The accident if we already know Azad will die?

  20. There is a spoiter that azad and arman will meet with an accident and both are admitted in hospital but unfortunately azad will die and his heart is transplant in arman’s body then he will start loving mahira but mahira will be heartbroken with azad death nd dont want any other person in her life whereas khan begun will be confused that she shoukd be happy because arman is safe or sad that azad is no more

    Waise bhi is serial ka kch nhi ho sakta this is 10th lead opposite surbhi jyoti sb chale gye bas surbhi nhi gyi aur mujhe toh lag rha h abhi nye actor ki aur zaroorat hone wali h ku ki avinash bhi kch month me yeh show quit kar dega aur gul khan is off air karegi nhi so lets see who will the nxt lead after AVINASH


    who is sanaam 2

    1. In season 3 Khan begam name is sanam. In that season surbhi also called sanam.So we called surbhi as sanam, kb as sanam2 or new sanam.

  22. So stupid. Why kill Azad ??? And when he die . It means that Khan Begum will never regain her powers anymore because Azad and Mahira baby child would have helped her got her powers back. So is it a sign no more black magic hopefully ? And what will Afreen’s purpose be in this show after Azad’s death ?? They should have killed Afreen instead.. and it is only about like 3 months into this new season and the murder has already begun !!!! Mahira 2 sisters got killed , Razia got killed , Amaad got killed , Anand Kumar got killed and now Azad. Like what f*ck is wrong with you Gul Khan ?? Are you mad and insane ??? Stupid dumb assho.le

    1. I don’t understand what this Gul khan is upto. Why she’s always doing like this Yaar! Is she a psycho person or something else! Instead of azad afreen could die or after avinash’s entry it could be a love triangle, but no, instead of doing this she is doing something else. By this week azad will die! I really feel sorry for Gul khan her this season also gonna be more flop after azad’s death! Already her before serial Humsafars on Sony Tv gone flop. This time also same thing gonna happen in QH-4 !! 🙁

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