Balika Vadhu 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 22nd April 2013 Written Update

CM(Meenu) locked ansh in their room. Anandi asked y she locked them. CM told them to talk with each other not with her n she will open when she wants to. Both pleaded to open but Cm didn’t listen. Both annoyed, looked at each other. Then Cm slowly opened the door n laughed.
Ganga was singing song for manu. At that time jagiya came with a radio. He gifted her. When ganga was bit hesitated, jagiya convinced her to take as she saved them from a big trouble. Agnag still hesitated. But mannu seems very happy with the songs which were being played. So she took it. Suddenly the same song was played which ganag was singing. Ganga amused. Jagiya said that may be her voice was heard.
Anandi saw the recipe of the cake on laptop. She went to kitchen to make it. Nathu stopped her but anandi managed to send him out for some work. Anandi talked with herself that shiv never ate anything other than kheer n halwa. After eating cake he will be happy that his beendni made it.she was bit nervous too while making it. Finally she put that in the oven. She saw shiv near kitchen smiling at him. Anandi panicked a bit thinking shiv will get it. She asked him how he came so early. Shiv nautily said whenever he came late, she complained n now he came early but still no change. Anandi blushed, she asked him to have water. Shiv said he actually came to take a file n he can see her too in that excuse. Anandi tried to send him away. But shiv smelled that something special was cooked. When he asked, anandi said she is making something sweet. Shiv romatically told her to smile then no need for sweet. He grabbed anandi n tried to kiss her. Anandi diverted his attention by saying nathu came. Shiv broke apart. Anandi laughed. But shiv managed to kiss her cheek n ran away. Anandi surprised n blushed.
She again went to see the cake. Saanchi came there. When anandi said she is making something sweet. She taunted anandi. Anandi said abt cake for shiv. Saanchi assured she wont reveal it n thinks anandi will never impress shiv by trying to be modern. She raised the temperature n went away.

Nandu n his frd wanted to go out with basant but basant refused as he has work to do. Jagiya came there n told he will took them. Ganag n mannu came there. Jagiya decided to take mannu n ganga with them too.
Anandi saw the cake was burnt n upset thinking with the burnt cake how shiv will be impressed.

Jagiya took them to the mela. Ganga was looking happily. Jagiya asked to to sit on the jhula. Ganga said she was scared of jhula. Jagiya dragged her by holding her arm. Both sat with mannu. Kids were enjoing. Ganga was scared. Ganga held jagiya’s arm in fear. Eyelock between them. After that ganga was about to trip but jagiya saved her. Few people saw them n were angry.
Precap- Anandi is doing something with the burnt cake to make it eatable. All are on dining table. Saanchi tells everything that anandi made something specially. Anandi came nervously there with the cake.

Update Credit to: Khusi

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