Balika Vadhu 21st September 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 21st September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 21st September 2013 Written Update

The senior ward boy takes Ganga’s side. He says, they called her for night shift despite her finishing the morning shift. Didn’t even ask if she has any problem in doing night duty. I feel it was Bala’s plan to call her for the night duty and do such shameful thing. He should be punished. The trustees ask Bala if he wants to say anything. Bala says mistake is mine that I helped this lady. He starts saying, I went to the store room and saw her stealing the injections. She got shocked seeing me. She then says doctor asked me to get injection. I asked which doctor? She got scared even more. She grabbed my collar and said do whatever you want. She then started coming closer to me and when she saw that I won’t get trapped.. she hit me on my head. Ganga is shocked and starts hitting Bala. The senior ward boy takes her back. Bala takes a chemist name and they call them there. That guy says Ganga was selling medicines to him saying it’s left over of some patients. Ganga is shocked as she doesn’t even know him. She says him and Bala are together. The trustees tell them to go outside and they will decide what to do.

Outside, Bala tries to provoke Ganga again saying how she can put such blame on her. The senior ward boy calms Ganga down.

Inside, one trustee takes Ganga’s side and says, I don’t think she’s lying.. no woman would say such stuff about herself. Another trustee says it’s more important for them to save hospital’s reputation right now.. if news go outside that there was a rape attempt in their hospital, then what will happen to this hospital? He asks him if he wants to lose his job for one nurse. That trustee is quiet now.

Police come there. The trustees call Ganga and Bala in again. The trustees say they have come to the conclusion.. it’s a crime to steal medicine from hospital.. and to teach a lesson to others who do this.. they will get Ganga arrested. Ganga is shocked. Bala thanks the trustees. Ganga says, this is unfair.. this is injustice. The trustees asks police to take Ganga away. The police arrest Ganga. Outside, while they are taking her away, Bala waves his hand and gives a flying kiss to her. Ganga is very angry, but can’t do anything.

The senior ward boy comes to the police station and says, you can’t arrest a lady in night. The inspector says, now you will teach me what to do? I took permission from higher authority, and there is woman police here as well. This is a robbery case. The senior ward boy says, I take guarantee that she didn’t steal anything. The inspector says, that won’t do anything.. now there will be investigation and the court will decide it. The senior ward boy goes to Ganga and tells her to be strong as the God is there.

Jagya returns home. Everyone looks at him with a shock and anger. Dadisa asks him, why did you do this? Didn’t think about anyone and made decision by yourself. If there was any problem, then you could have told us, and we could have talked to them. Without telling anyone, you broke this rishta.. why did you do this? Sumi interrupts and says, what he will say? He only knows how to hurt his own people… and that is what he’s been doing since childhood. Whenever we tried to trust him, he broke our trust. There can’t be any more shameful thing than a mother saying that she can’t trust her child. Bhairo tells Sumi to let Jagya even say something.. and masa is talking. Sumi says, he has done such a big thing and you’re asking me to stay quiet? You gave him freedom.. saw the result? You all thought he got matured and sensible.. saw how matured he is? Dadisa says, you made a joke of all this.. when you felt.. you made rishta.. when you felt.. you ended it. I thought this time you thought a lot and said yes. Then what happened? Tell me. Bhairo tells Jagya, I still trust you.. I know there must be a reason behind you doing this. Please tell us.

Jagya says, I don’t think that I and Sanchi are made for each other. We are very different than each other in every single thing.. that is why if this wedding was to happen, then neither Sanchi nor I would be able to live happily with each other.. and it would affect both families as well. No one would be able to live happily.. so I decided.. Sumi says, why not? Sanchi is educated.. she won all of us heart in 2 days.. then how can you say this? Jagya remembers Sanchi’s conversation with her friends. He continues, maa.. her thinking is very different. She is grown up in a very different environment.. and about winning your heart.. yesterday evening.. his phone keeps ringing. He finally picks it up. It’s Dr. Ravi. Jagya says, I will call you later. He says, no.. police arrested Ganga. Jagya is shocked. He tells everyone that he will tell everything to them later.. right now he will have to go to help Ganga. Police have arrested Ganga for false accusation of robbery. He’s leaving, but Sumi grabs his hand says, you won’t go anywhere.. especially to that Ganga. Screen freezes on Sumi’s face.

Voiceover: Only sensitive people have what it takes to fulfill his/her promise in any situation and in any condition. He/she can break any relationship to fulfill his/her responsibility.

Precap: Sanchi is sitting with her whole family. Shiv tells her about Jagya breaking their rishta. Sanchi gets shocked and angry. She starts breaking everything.
Anandi asks Sanchi why she is not telling about her conversation with her friends in the restaurant to everyone which made Jagya to take this step. Sanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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