Sasural Simar Ka 21st September 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 21st September 2013 Written Update

Janvi comes to Sourya’s room and tells him that it’s his medicine time. She gives him medicine and water, and he says he won’t drink this tap water and asks her to get mineral water. Janvi goes and gets it. She’s leaving, but he stops and says he’s having pain in his hands and asks her to hold the magazine. Janvi says it’s not my job. Sourya says, it is.. I can’t sleep without reading the magazine.. and patients need proper sleep to get fine. She holds the magazine and turns pages too fast. Sourya asks her to let him see first. It’s midnight now.

Janvi returns home very tired, she can’t even walk properly. Roli notices it and says to her, you’re working since 24 hours.. you don’t need to work that hard. Go sleep and I will talk to Sid. Janvi says, you don’t need to talk to bhaiya for this small matter.. I have already bothered everyone so much. You don’t worry about this.. I will handle it. Roli is taking her to room, and her phone rings. Roli talks on Janvi’s behalf. They are calling Janvi back to hospital. Roli says she won’t come, but Janvi takes the phone and says she will come. She tells Roli I have learned this from you only. She goes to get fresh and Roli goes to make tea for her.

In morning, Prem is searching for Simar. He finds Simar with Pari’s baby. Simar tells him that the baby kept crying in night, she sung lullaby and all, and then the baby finally calmed down. Prem says it’s good to take care of a baby, but it’s best for both child and mother, if his mother takes care of her child.

Simar comes to Pari’s room and she is sleeping. Simar wakes her up and says, the baby was crying whole night. Pari says, that is why I gave him to you.. you know everything about taking care of babies. Pari’s husband asks Pari what are you saying? Simar says, leave it.. she is very sick and tired.. let her sleep. Pari’s husband tells Simar, if you want, then I can take care of the baby. Simar says, but you will have to go to office now.. I will take care. He thanks her and says it should be them taking care of the baby, but Simar is doing it right now. Simar tells him not to say like this again.

Bharadwajs have gathered for the puja. Roli is doing puja’s preparations. Mataji tries to play with the baby, but he starts crying. Simar calms him down. Roli says, he’s already listening to you. Sujata says, she kept name right too.. Krishna.. who got more love from his other mother.

Everyone is playing with the baby, and a lady enters Bharadwaj house saying, where is my sona munda. Your smart nani is here. It’s pari’s mum. Mausiji makes face seeing her. Mataji asks her stay quiet. Everyone goes to Nani and congratulates her for becoming Nani. Nani says so my pari gave this house first varish. Pari’s husband asks her if she had any problem coming here. Nani shows off that she came in the most expensive flight.. how can there be any problem. Simar bends to touch Nani’s feet, but she stops. Everyone is shocked for a moment. Nani says, you have baby in your hand.. instead touching my feet, take care of baby. Mausiji jokes saying the baby has gone on nani, he also prefers to stay in business class like her, as he’s been with Simar more than anyone else after his birth. Mataji asks Nani (Archanaji), you were going to come 2 days ago right? Archanaji shows off again saying she bought expensive toys and other luggage and it took time. Mausiji jokes again as there is no luggage with her. Archanaji calls some guys and they come with lots of gifts and luggage. Mausiji is quiet now. Archanaji takes out bunch of money and circle it around the baby and give it to the guys who brought luggage in. She now takes out a gold chain and gives it to Simar saying to put it in baby’s neck. mataji tells Archanaji that she should go and meet Pari now. Archanaji takes the baby and goes to Pari’s room. Mausiji is annoyed with her talks. Sid says he brought cotton for puja stuff but she can use it. mausiji puts it in her ears and everyone laughs.

Precap: Janvi tells Sourya not to move his hand and she goes somewhere. Sourya still does it and then screams. Everyone comes in there. Sourya blames Janvi for not knowing how to do treatment and wants her to get fired right now. Janvi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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  1. Nice episode.i like simar’s character and all vardwaj family.

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