Balika Vadhu 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 20th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dadisaa giving instructions to Basant as he is visiting his Bappu saa. She asks him to give laddoos to his father. Basant says, he can’t eat it and is under doctor supervision. Dadisaa says, it enhances the health. Ganga says, I wanted to come but Ganga needs me here. Basant says, I will take care of everything. Dadisaa asks him to be happy. Basant leaves. Shiv tells Anandi to be careful with Saachi as she is accompany her to Jaitsar. Anandi says, I know, she is changed now but don’t know whether she will be hurt seeing Jagya and Ganga’s baby shower. Shiv says, you should have refused her. Anandi says, I can’t as I don’t want to be a hurdle in her change behavior. Shiv goes to bring Amol in their room. Anandi smiles. Maharashtrain ladies giving the thali of kumkum and turmeric to Panditji. Guests comes and give their best wishes. Dadisaa asks them to sit. Ira, Meenu and Anandi comes and gives their best wishes. Anandi hugs Dadisaa. Everyone smiles. Anandi greets her. She hugs Sumitra then. Dadisaa says, it is a miracle that Anoop ji’s memory is regained. She asks about Amol. Saachi brings Amol on his wheel chair. Everyone look at them.

Dadisaa and Sumitra are not happy seeing Saachi’s arrival. Dadisaa recalls the insult meted by Saachi to her. Sumitra too recalls Saachi’s drama. Dadisaa tells Amol that you are my Anandi’s Amol and blesses him. Anandi introduces Alok to the family members. Dadisaa blesses him. Saachi touches Dadisaa’s feet and apologizes for her behavior. She requests her to forgive her. Dadisaa forgives her.She folds her hands and apologizes to Sumitra. Sumitra forgives her too. Saachi thanks her. Jagya comes. Saachi congrats him. Jagya smiles seeing Amol. He greets Amol and tells Anandi that Amol is very good. He says, we all are very proud of you. He greets Ira and Meenu. They congrats Jagya. Meenu thanks Jagya for Anoop’s memory gain. Jagya asks about Shiv. Anandi says, he sent his best wishes. Jagya says, give my best wishes as well and says I will meet them when I come to Udaipur. Anandi goes to meet ganga. Saachi says, I wants to apologize to Ganga. Dadisaa permits her to meet Ganga. Saachi thanks her.

Mahi is browsing the net and thinks of Amol’s inspiring words about the army service. Mahi calls some army officer and says I submitted the form. His friend Rohit asks, are you sure you wants to join army. Mahi says, I am very sure. Daddu comes and asks Mahi what you are doing? Mahi says, cricket academy needs my details. Daddu says, Anoop and me have planned to go on a golf club. Mahi says, I have to go. Daddu asks him to come with him. Anandi comes and gives her best wishes. She says I am happy to see your happiness. They introduces themselves to Amol. Ganga says, I don’t have any words to appreciates your decision. You are really good. Anandi says, I got much happiness because of him. He changed my life. Gehna says we are happy to see your grand son. Anandi says, ritual will begin soon and asks Ganga to say if she feels tired. Ganga says, I don’t need to take care of myself as everyone looks after me. Saachi enters, Ganga’s smile fades.

Anandi says, I forgot to say that Saachi came for the function. Saachi says, I know you might having some many questions with my arrival. I didn’t come for attending your baby shower alone, I came to apologize to everyone. She apologizes to Ganga for her mistakes. I have fallen in my eyes. I came to you as I realised your goodness. Please forgive me. Ganga says, you shall not apologize to me. Saachi thanks her. She thinks to spoil her day.

Ganga’s baby shower function is going on. Saachi plans evilly to spoil Ganga’s happiness.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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