Main Naa Bhoolungi 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 20th January 2014 Written Update

Sameer and Shikha reach their new home. Shikha asks for the door keys. Sameer opens the door. She sees the dark house inside. The go inside. Shikha slips on the door mat and falls. Sameer catches her. They keep looking at each other. Sameer goes and switches the lights on. She looks at the house and says it is beatiful house, well furnished and clean. He says he had asked his office people to keep everything perfect for her princess. Sameer says lets go and watch our house. Samer takes her to the bedroom. He asks her to rest. He asks her sorry. He asks her sorry instead for marrying in a hurry and shifting to this new place. He asks her to change and goes out.

Stalker is seen taking a new sim and adding into his mobile. He calls Shikha, but is attacked by the goons. He runs and goons start chasing him. Shikha is arranging her clothes in cupboard from her bags. Sameer is talking to someone angrily. He says not to teach him his work. He knows what he is doing, else they themselves come and do it. Shikha listens to his conversation. She asks whom he was talking to. He says his second wife. She jokes that people can’t handle one wife and ur handling two. She asks why was he talking to her angrily. She says his wife wants him to come to her. Shikha says to go, he says she is very selfish and does not like selfish people. He says he likes her, simple and sweet. They start romancing. Serial’s title song plays in the background. He takes her to bed and asks her to sleep. He tries to kiss her, but she resists and says that you had asked me to rest, so I will rest and you too go and rest. They joke a bit. He says good night and goes.

Shikha is still sleeping on bed. She wears her glasses and opens her eyes. She does not see Sameer next to her and gets worried. She calls him, but gets no reply. She goes downstairs and calls him but does not get reply again. She sees vegetables and other food itmes in the kitchen. She sees food cooking on the gas stove. Sameer comes and closes her eyes from behind and takes her near the wall and removes his hands. She openes her eyes, sees goodmorning princess on the wall and gets happy. She sees breakfast already seerved on the table. Flowers fall on her, she gets happy being treated as a princess. She asks Sameer what is it. He says this is his way to say goodmorning to his special wife. She asks it happens in dream. He says it is reality. They start having a light movement and have their breakfast.

Shikha asks him not to prepare so many things, just a cup of tea is enough for her happiness. Sameer says to ask something else, not just tea. Shikha asks for a snowfall as she didn’t see it in her life yet. Sameer asks snowfall in mumbai. She says not think too much, him and his beautiful house is enough for her and feeds him breakfast. Door bell rings. Sameer goes and opens the door. His neighbors come and say they are happy having a new neighbor as very few people stay in this locality. They gift him sweets. Sameer says he does not need sweets and asks them to go and closes the door. Shikha comes and asks who was it. He says neibors and they were trying to be too friendly. Sameer asks her not to make friends here, else he would be worried in office. He changes the topic and asks Shikha to call her papa.

Stalker calls police station via a public booth. He asks for inspector Nayak. Constable says he has gone outside. Stalker asks for inspector Nayak’s number. Constable does not want to give, but Stalker says it is very important as a girl’s life is in danger. Constable gives Nayak’s number and stalker calls him. Inspector picks the call, but just then someone shoots stalker and he drops the phone.

Precap: Sameer is going to office and he asks Shikha for something. He jokes if he needs lunchbox. He says he already has it in his bag. He asks for a slap, she kisses him on the cheek. He asks her to kiss him daily.

Update Credit to: MA

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