Balika Vadhu 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 17th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Meenu and Ira asking Anandi to eat something as she didn’t have anything since Amol’s kidnapping. Anandi says, I can’t eat. Daddu asks her to eat for Amol’s sake. Anandi is about to eat, but then recalls Amol and couldn’t eat the food. Amol’s friends discuss about Amol being kidnapped and decides to search him. They say we will make a pamplet with his photo and phone number. He says, I will take principal’s permission and talk to Papa. Kanchan sees the phone and calls Manish’s phone. Her mom in law picks the call and warns her not to call them again. Kanchan cries and gets emotional. Gehna comes and assures her that everything will be fine.

Ira asks Shiv, why the Police is unable to search Amol. She gets angry on police. She says, I can’t see Anandi’s condition. She asks Shiv to call DSP and gives him instruction to search Amol immediately. Shiv gets a call. He informs his family that one Inspector got a boy but don’t know if he is Amol. They go to see the boy.

Shiv drives the car rashly to reach the destination fast. Alok asks him to drive carefully. Shiv is tensed. A song plays…….Maula Re Maula………………..They reach to the place and the boy appears to be someone else. Amol’s friends distribute the pamplets.

Dadisaa says, I am against surrogacy even now. It is not right. The woman will be the mother who will give birth to the baby. Jagya says, what is wrong in it. Kanchan will become mother. Gehna says, Kanchan will be happy to become mom. She wants to have her own child. Dadisaa says, Kanchan can adopt a child. Basant says, Anandi did a good thing but there is a difference between Kanchan and Anandi’s conditions. Anandi adopted a baby through her own wish. Kanchan’s mom in law will be against adoption. May be she will accept Kanchan if we opt for surrogacy. Gehna says, our problems will be solved. Dadisaa agrees to talk to Kanchan’s mom in law. Dadisaa says, we all will be happy if Kanchan’s family accept her.

Daddu and Ira are worried. Saachi calls Ira and asks about Amol. Ira says, police got a child so Shiv and Alok went to see the child. Saachi says, even Vivek ji is searching for him. Meenu comes and says Anandi’s condition is bad. She is going through a lot. Ira says, I can understand Anandi’s pain. She gets emotional. Ira calls Shiv. Alok answers the call and says the kid was not Amol. He went with his parents. Ira cries.

Ira, Meenu and Daddu pray to the Lord. Saachi talks with Alok about Amol. Payal comes and asks Saachi to give Amol’s pic to her. She says, we will send his photo to our friends. Saachi says, I will published the photo on the social networking site.

Alok, Shiv and Anandi come to the police station. Alok wonders why they didn’t get the call for ranson. Police shows the guy who have stolen the van for the kidnapping. They come to his associate house. They are informed that he went half an hour before. Shiv gets angry and asks Police to search Amol as soon as possible.

Anandi and Shiv sees Amol’s photo in the missing pamplet. His school friend gives them pamplets. He asks, did you get to know about Amol. Anandi says, we will find him soon. Reporter gets a pamplet and comes to know about collector’s son being kidnapped.

All the beggars are running as the Police is after them. One boy helps Amol and hides him. All the beggars start searching for them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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